Dangerously In Love

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  • Published: 14 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 15 Jan 2014
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COMPLETED. Georgia Brink had a wild past. She lived a dangerous life. She wanted out. Moving to Bane was supposed to be a new change for her. That was until she met Niall Horan. She swore to herself that she wouldn't get into the bad crowd. She promised herself she would be the good person she used to be. Will she keep her promises? Or will she fall for the badass, Niall Horan? ((first chapter to the sequel is up))


13. Chapter 13

Chapter 13


Niall turned onto my driveway and killed the lights but left the engine on. I stared out to see that my parents’ subaru wasn’t parked on the driveway. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that I didn’t have to talk to them.

“Thanks, Niall.” I smiled at him before leaning over and kissing his cheek.

“Anytime, Georgia.” He answered.

I got out of his ferrari and walked up the porch steps to the mahogany door of my house. I turned around and gave Niall another small wave to which he gave one back before walking through the door.

It was quiet inside the house. The lights everywhere were off apart from the living room and the kitchen. I sighed and made my way to the kitchen to grab an apple. I took a bite in the delicious redness of the fruit while I leaned on the island, facing the fridge.

A few moments late I noticed a note stuck on the fridge by a fish magnet. I pulled it off and read it. In my dad’s messy handwriting it said that they went away for the rest of the weekend to give both of us time to cool off. He told me he left $500 on the coffee table.

Thank god for my father’s existence!




Friday! That was the first thought that went through my head as soon as I woke up. I love fridays. 

I got ready for school in a record 15 minutes. I was in a good mood for some reason. I dressed like it too, in a white crop t-shirt underneath a floral print overall skirt and some combat boots.My hair was pulled pack in a loose ponytail and I was whistling walking down the stairs.

Maybe I was happy because my mum isn’t home to nag me at the moment.

I could have a party without her knowing. Yeah, I need a damn good party to keep my mind off of everything. A party would be so good right now.

I arrived at school with the conclusion of throwing a party tonight at 7. I was happy with that as I stepped out of my car which explains my big smile on my face.

“Okay, you’re smiling. Which is weird. Why are you smiling?” Cindy immediately asked as I closed my door and locked the doors.

“Oh, I’m throwing a party at my house.” I grinned.

She grinned back. “You’re so lucky there’s no parties on at all tonight.”

I laughed. “Are you going to help me plan? I need it all done by tonight.”

She grinned. “Really, I can help!? Yes, I’ll do it. I’m the best last-minute party planner.” She winked at me and I laughed.

We both headed for the school and she was talking animatedly about what to do. She was practically yapping away with her ideas, never once allowing me to have a say in anything at all. It carried on like that until we walked up to my locker. 

“Okay, so we got to decide on the music. I was thinking you know David Guetta and Macklemore. Those kinds of songs. But oh my god, we need to have a big dancefloor and big speakers. Please say you have big speakers. Anyway, you can do all the food and stuff and-”

“Hey, guys.” I sighed in relief when I heard a new voice. I turned to face Jared who was giving me a million dollar smile. 

I smiled back and was about to say hi when i was interrupted. “Yeah, hi. Anyway, you need to get rid of all the breakables and all that...”

“What is she talking about?” Jared whispered while nodding like me.

“A party my house.” I answered, “I asked her to help me.” 

He gasped. “Georgia! No! No no no no! We banned her from planning any type of party at the start of sophomore year.”

I looked back at Cindy who was still talking about what to do for the party and back at Jared. “Why?”

He sighed. “You wait, she won’t shut up for the rest of the day. The last party we asked her to plan, she invited over 200 people and it was a disaster!”

I laughed. “What happened?”

“Let’s just say that I’m still scrubbing the vomit smell out of every room in my house and I still find condoms and beer bottles and used drugs all over the place.” He answered.

“Are you serious?” I asked him with wide eyes. He gave me the sympathetic nod and I groaned.

“Should we have a theme? Yeah, I think we should. How about pimp and hoes? Nah, the guys would be way too conceited and the girls wouldn’t even be wearing clothes. How about clubbing style? Nah, that causes too many problems...”

“Cindy?” I addressed her. “Cindy?”

“Ugh, you know what never mind about a theme, I’ll think that up myself. Oh my god! The guestlist! How many people do you expect to go? I was thinking maybe 100, at the least. But I can do 200...”


“Shut up, Georgia. I’m planning. Anyway, Balloons? No balloons? Nah never mind, they would just get in the way. You have alcohol right? That doesn’t matter, alcohol will find its way there anyway...”

“Cindy!” I yelled and that finally stopped her from talking. She looked at me impatiently.

“What?” She snapped.

“It’s okay, I’ll do the guest list. i do have alcohol. No theme. No balloons. I’ll do the food. I have big speakers and I’ll set everything up, okay?”

“Oh, alright.” She said exasperatedly.

“I’ll just send out a mass text. That okay?” I asked her.

She sighed. “I suppose.”

“Now, get to class.” I joked and she just rolled her eyes before walking away.

“You handled her well. I expected you to yell or something.” Jared said.

“I did too.” I laughed.

“I always imagined you a little tempered. You know, feisty and all?”

“Are you serious?” Then I laughed. Hard.

“I’m serious! You just have that touch-me-and-i’ll-kill-you vibe.”

“I don’t have a vibe.” I playfully shoved him away.

“You do, actually. It’s kind of why everyone’s too scared to come up to you.” He answered.

“Oh, god. Hopefully this party will change their mind.” I said just as I reached my classroom.

“Hopefully.” He smiled. “See you later.” He winked.






Such a bad chapter! It was more of a filler chapter and I am not proud. Hopefully the next one would come up better. Damn writer’s block >:(


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