Dangerously In Love

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  • Published: 14 Mar 2013
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COMPLETED. Georgia Brink had a wild past. She lived a dangerous life. She wanted out. Moving to Bane was supposed to be a new change for her. That was until she met Niall Horan. She swore to herself that she wouldn't get into the bad crowd. She promised herself she would be the good person she used to be. Will she keep her promises? Or will she fall for the badass, Niall Horan? ((first chapter to the sequel is up))


11. Chapter 11

Chapter 11


At the end of the day, I went to my locker to grab a few of my books. When I was done I made my way to the front of the school while fishing out the keys to my car. In the midst of looking for my keys and juggling my books, Niall walked up to me.

I didn’t know how to act around him anymore. After our long talk and after our make out session, I didn’t know if I should act like nothing happened or act like... like it did happen. But nonetheless, I grinned up at him. He gave me an award-winning smile with his eyes twinkling.

“Hey.” I greeted him.

“Hey.” He said back with an over the top cheerful tone. He frowned and coughed before saying, “I mean hey,” in a deeper voice.

I laughed at him and said, “I won’t think you’re any less of a man.”

“Yeah, but it was for my pride.” He joked.

“So, what do you need?” I asked him as we arrived at my car.

“Well, I was just going to sa-” He stopped talking when he looked at my car. “This is yours?”

“Yes?” I asked, a little confused.

“My god! I thought this was someone else’s!” He said with a marveled tone. He touched the hood and sighed, “I can’t believe a girl has the one car I don’t own.”

“You don’t have a Camaro?” I asked, incredulously.

“No and it’s annoying me. Especially now that I know you have one.” He said as he observed my car.

“Well, unlucky you.” I snorted. “Now, what did you want to talk to me about?”

“Talk abou- Oh right! We need to work on this english assignment. It’s due soon, you know, so we should go do it.” He said.

I nodded my head and told him to just follow me home. When we arrived at my house, I directed him to my room while I went to go get A Midsummer Night’s Dream from my library. I grabbed two cups of coke with the book under my arm and headed up to my room to join Niall.

I walked in to find him sitting on my bed with his book and my book laid out in front of him. I handed him his cup and set mine down on the bedside table before hopping onto the bed beside him.

“This doesn’t have alcohol in it, does it?” Niall asked. I looked at him for a bit then I giggled.

“No, I took that out.” I told him after a second.

“Oh, why?” He asked as he grabs a pen and opens the book.

“Because I just got my car back and I don’t want to risk losing it again.” I said to him.

“About that, why did you get your car taken off you?” He questioned me.

“Because I was grounded.” I answered vaguely.

“Well, then why were you grounded?” He turned to me, pen still in hand and book on his lap.

“Because they found out about my record.” I said. He gave me a look that said I have to give him more. I sighed and continued on. “I went to jail a few times for stealing and stuff but I was always bailed out by someone from Valley Kings so my parents never found out. But they found out because it turns out, my dad became friends with the chief of police so I got caught. Which is also part of the reason why we moved, so I ‘don’t get involved in any more crimes that can affect my future’ or something like that.”

Niall chuckled. “Wow, we’ve got a bad ass over here.” I shut my book and hit him on the arm with it.

“Shut up and let’s just do this.” I said while still smiling. 


“Georgia! Are you home?” My mother’s voice reached us from downstairs. 

My eyes caught Niall’s and widened. They weren’t supposed to know that Niall was here. I’m still semi-grounded and I doubt I’m allowed to have anyone over. Especially in my room.

“Yeah, I’ll be down in a minute!” I called back to her.

Niall scrambled off the bed and started to pack his things up. I helped him out but the door to my room opened.

“Georgia, I just wanted to-” She stopped talking when she laid eyes on me and Niall. Her green eyes, identical to mine, narrowed in suspicion. They shot back and forth between Niall and me with a small glare.

“Georgia Brink.” She said in a stern voice.

“Mindy Brink.” I mimicked her crossing my arms in a defiant stance.

“What happened to being grounded?” She asked moving her hands to her hips.

I met her stance with a challenging tone. “I never left the house.”

“Look, Georgia, just because I gave your car back doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. This is for your own good.” She reprimanded. 

“We weren’t doing anything.” My annoyance started to rise a little. Look, I love my mum but she treats me like I’m seven when I’m seventeen. 

“Not doing anything.” She scoffed. “I know the kinds of guys you go after, Georgia. Even though James was charming, he still led you to do all those stuff. Look whoever this is, I want him out of the house and out of your life before you get sucked into these crimes again.”

I clenched my hands into fists. She had no right to go assuming that kind of stuff. Niall wouldn’t do that. He’s the kind of guy who would let me take my own decisions, he would not force me into things. Like James.

“You don’t control my life, mum. You don’t get to tell me who I can or can not have in my life.” My voice started to rise.

She sighed and focused her attention on Niall and with a calm, malicious voice she said, “Leave.”

From the corner of my eye, I saw Niall look at me as if wondering if he should follow her orders or not. I kept my attention on my mum and gave her my coldest glare. “Stay, Niall.” I said, my voice so low compared to how it was before.

My mum gave me a withering look before yelling out my bedroom door. “Hanson, come up here!”

My dad came into my room a few seconds later. His eyes widened at the scene before him. My mum and I were both stood facing each other a few metres apart with glowers on our faces and Niall stood off to the side with a helpless and hopeless look on his face. My dad sighed. He was always the neutral one in the family.

“What’s wrong?” He said a little obliviously.

“Your daughter is what’s wrong.” My mum answered him, her eyes not moving from mine. “She’s brought a boy home. A boy! He’s obviously no different from James. I mean look at him! He has a tattoo on his wrist for christ’s sake. I want him gone. We left Ventor for a reason, Han. I don’t want her around the same people again.”

“You don’t even know him, mum. You can’t just go around assuming things. That was in Ventor. I did that in Ventor. We’re in Bane now. I’ve moved on, I’m changing. You can’t just think that I was pressured into doing those things. I wanted to do it so don’t blame every guy you see me with.” I yelled.

“Georgia, honey, I think it’s best if you just lay off for a while. Just lay low and focus on your schooling.” Dad suggested. 

“I was! Niall’s my english partner.” I told him.

“Partner. That’s the oldest lie in the book.” She scoffed. I looked at her with wide eyes.

“What’s that supposed to mean.” I said.

She opened her mouth to say something but then closed it. She closed her eyes then exhaled audibly through her nose then opened her eyes again. “Nothing. I meant nothing.”

“Don’t lie to me! You were insinuating that I was a slut. Is that what you think of me!?” I yelled.

“No, honey. That’s not what I meant.” She tried to backtrack.

“Ugh, you know what. Just-” I didn’t even finish my sentence. I grabbed my bag that had my phone, wallet and keys before grabbing Niall’s hand and storming out of the house. 

“Uh, Georgia,” Niall started when we got into his car, “are you okay?”

I huffed. “I’m fine.”

“Where do you want to go?” He asked, pulling out of my driveway.

“Anywhere but here.” i answered.

He nodded and sped away further and further away from the disastrous encounter with my parents.






I should update more, shouldn’t I? I’ll try to. 

Btw, if you’re a chasing the sun fan please check the author’s note at the end of the story. It’s sort of not really important but check it out!!


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