Don't Forget.

This is my first fanfic and I'm writing it for someone that really deserves it:)
Emily and Ally have wanted to move to Europe since the first grade when they became friends in the first grade. What will happen when they meet there all time favorite boy band of all time, One Direction? Or when the exes seek revenge? A bad paparrazi pic can change relationships? One bad mistake can lead to a misarable turn around. Find out in Dont Forget.


2. The Plane Ride


Emily's POV



We finally make it past security and try to find our boarding area." Flight 24A" I say to myself looking at my ticket. "Look!" Ally yelps, and runs towards the waiting area for our plane. "Wait!" I yell  laughing, running towards her. "Flight 24A to London now boarding" some voice on the speaker above says and we get in line, waiting our turn to get on the plane





Ally's POV



We get in line to get on the plane  "Flight 24A to London now boarding" I hear the speaker voice say. "Yay!" I say with glee. "Tickets please?" The airline lady says to us, we hand her out tickets and get on the plane. "LONDON BABY!" Emily screams in the pilots face and I crack up laughing, this is gonna be a fun ride! "Yes, flight 24A to London, enjoy your flight." The pilot says, causing Emily to blush.







Emily's POV



We sit down in our seats and the hottest guy walks up to us, "may I sit here?" He asks, I nod excitedly and he sits down and takes off his jacket, puts his bags on the carrier above our heads and yawns. " so what are your names?" He asks with a tired voice. i open my mouth to answer but get interrupted but a quick voice saying-"Lucia! " Ally points to me "and this is Brenda!" She spits out before I could say anything "cool! My names Trevor, but you can call me Troy" the boy says with a wink and walks away.







Ally's POV



"So what are your names?" The insanely attractive male says. Omg wait! I though quickly, what if he's bad, should we tell him? I see Emily blushing her head off and opens her mouth to try to reply but I quickly jump in and say in a higher than normal loud voice-" Laudia! And this is uh, Brenda!" "Cool" he says " I'm Trevor but call me Troy" he says with a wink and walks away. Whew! I think, that was dang close! I was thinking deep thoughts when I got interrupted by Emily slapping my arm- "OW!" I yelp "serves ya dang right, LAUDIA!" She said with a smirk. And gets out her iPod and earbuds,we take off. I look out the plane window, "Goodbye Washington" I whisper. I check my watch,8:41am. I close my eyes and drift off. ---------







Emily's POV



I can't believe Ally told that hot guy some fake names, whatever it's not like I'd see him again. I pulled out my iPod and tapped on my music app, I clicked in my favorite band, One Direction and two albums popped up. I tapped shuffle and I plugged in my earphones. * your insecure, don't know what for...*  I hear and smile. I start going into deep thoughts- what if we met One Direction? We were going to London, it was totally possible, but would we actually see them? We had seen them before, back when me and Ally were little girls, back in middle school we went to their concert and I just about passed out, we were screaming so loud.:'). We did get a chance to say hello and get their autographs though! They were the sweetest and I remember exactly what they said to us- " you girls seem special, there's just something about you I like...." Louis said. " yeah" Liam agreed pointing to Ally " your pretty cute!" Said Liam. We asked for a picture and the security guard said no. Me and ally frowned. Liam pushed the guard out of the way and whispered something in his ear and made his way over to Ally, " may I please have a picture with you love?" He asked her, she was bright red. " uh uh yeah!" She stuttered. They took a picture, he was kissing her on the cheek and she was making a 'whatevs!' face. I laughed but was pretty jealous. We went out to leave when Niall and Louis called us and said "wait!!" We turned around and they sat Ally next to the other boys. Louis picked me up and put me on Niall's back, I just laughed and we took a pic. We still have those pictures. Ahhh back in the good old days! But hey we might get to meet them! That's cool! I propped my chair back and relaxed *I want you to ROCK ME ROCK ME ROCK ME YEAH!* i hear my music play. i loved them so much! I fell into a deep sleep





hey guys! this is my first fanfic and im writing it for my best friend, id really like to know what you think! comment pweasee! -Teagan

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