Don't Forget.

This is my first fanfic and I'm writing it for someone that really deserves it:)
Emily and Ally have wanted to move to Europe since the first grade when they became friends in the first grade. What will happen when they meet there all time favorite boy band of all time, One Direction? Or when the exes seek revenge? A bad paparrazi pic can change relationships? One bad mistake can lead to a misarable turn around. Find out in Dont Forget.


4. London Baby!


Ally's POV



I looked out the window to find beautiful city lights everywhere, I checked the time-10:53pm. I gasped at the view. We got our stuff and walked out of the plane, ~~now in taxi cab~~



"Where to?" The can driver said

"Uhhh," I'm digging out our apartment number paper in my purse. "21st street on Welk?" I ask "sure thing ladies!" He takes our things and puts them in the trunk, "hop in!" He says. I do as I was told and got  in the car. ~~~~~skip car ride to house~~~~~



"That will be $34 please." The can driver says. I give him two twenties. " thanks so much!" I call. " anytime!" He yells back, and drives off. We grab our luggage and open the door to our new house, it was small, but very cozy. We walked around the house 'oooohhing ' and 'aahhhing'. I was putting some stuff in the kitchen when I hear a knock on the door, "Emily?! Can you get that?" I yell to her across our new home.







Emily's POV



I hear someone knock on the door." Emily?! Will you get that?" Ally calls from the kitchen. I rush up to the door and open it.




hey guys, thanks for reading, means alot xx

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