Don't Forget.

This is my first fanfic and I'm writing it for someone that really deserves it:)
Emily and Ally have wanted to move to Europe since the first grade when they became friends in the first grade. What will happen when they meet there all time favorite boy band of all time, One Direction? Or when the exes seek revenge? A bad paparrazi pic can change relationships? One bad mistake can lead to a misarable turn around. Find out in Dont Forget.


6. Dramaaa

Emily's POV



I woke up to my phone's alarm *beeeep beeeep beeeep* I grab my phone, turn the alarm off and moan it was 8:00am. I got in the shower and straitened my hair then curled the ends. I applied some natural eye makeup and did a quick brush of mascara, I had to say, I looked pretty good! I winked at the mirror and walked to my room. I decided to wear a sea foam blue, knee length flowy dress I slipped on a pair of 1 inch white heals and went to check up on Ally.





Ally's POV



I was tweeting- @ally_17: just moved to London with my bestie, to top the heavenly life I'm living, I just found out , one direction lives across the street, going to have breakfast with em now!<3- Ally

I hit send and looked at the time- 8:45. I was already showered, dressed, makeupified and all that. I was playing Cut the Rope when Em walked in," hey, ready to go?" She asked. I looked up at her and nodded with a smile," hmmm am I ready to meet One Direction , just of favorite boy band containing the love of my life ready? Oh we'll than yeahh, I guess I could do that..." I made a :/ face and pretended to sigh. She just laughed. It was 8:57 now. We walked next door to their house and knocked on the door.









Liam's POV



Last night Louis, Zayn, and Niall went over to the new neighbors house to greet them. I didn't go over there but from what they told me I've figured that..... They are two girls and big directioners. Niall told me all about it, this girl named Ally seems really cool, of how Niall described her. And he seems to be pretty in to Emily. I checked my watch- 8:57am. They should be here any second. I heard the doorbell ring, I got it, assuming it would be them but when I opened the door to find my ex girl friend, Chelsea. Oh. Dear. God.

"Li!" She says and starts kissing my cheeks.



Ch.8 Chelsea and Breakfast



Liam's POV



"Hello Chelsea." I say in a monotone voice. She looks at me and strokes my cheek. " you okay baby?" she asked in her girly voice " you okay?awww was it our break up?" I look at her in discuss "no no no! That's not it at all!" I almost yell at her." Aww it's okay babe, I know it's hard, you have to move on, I know that will take a while but you can do it, hon" I felt sick, not like the flu but like she was to discusting to look at." Get out!" I tell her sternly, pointing at the door. "But wha, what?" She looks at me with her puppy dog face on. I glare at her." Get out of my freakin house before I break your freakin face!" I threaten her. She looks at me and runs away to her hot pink convertible and sped off. I sat on the couch only to get back up again. The doorbell rang. "Coming!" I said happily, I wanted to meet these girls. I open the door to find the two most gorgeous girls standing there one with brown curly  long hair with a few blond streaks (that must've been Emily) and a BEAUTIFUL one with dirty blond strait hair, down to her shoulders. I looked at her and she blushed. I must have been staring for a while because I hear someone behind me cough, trying to get my attention. I turn around to see Hazza. The girls start giggling. I blush and turn around, leading them into the kitchen. I look at Harry, he winked and whispered in my ear "ooh lala!" He said moving his shoulders up and down up and down, one by one. We sit down and start to dish up.





Emily's POV



Liam liked Ally. You could tell. And she liked him back. It was perfect they would live happily ever after in their magic sugar castle! I wondered if Niall liked me.... I couldn't tell... He was looking deep into my eyes last night when he met us. When Louis called him out for it he got all embarrassed. It was pretty cute.

"Soooo, where you loves from?" Harry asked us, his mouth full of pancakes." Oh, we'll Ally and I's family are from California but we moved to Ravensdale, Washington to go to a private college in Seattle." I say. "Uhh this may come out weird but... Are you both currently single?" Niall asks with a small grin on his face. I chuckle a bit. "Uh I am single yes, and so is Emily" Ally replied a tad bit pink. "Good, I'mean cool no I mean just well yeah" Liam said sighing. We all looked at him. "What?!" He said embarrassed. We all laughed and he joined in trying to push the awkwardness away.

~~skip the rest of breakfast~~



"We'll you seem like very nice girls and we hope to see you again very soon!" Liam says with a smile, mainly looking at Ally. We exchange numbers and they walk us to the doors. "Great to see you both!" Harry says to us. He was staring into my eyes smiling, why was he staring at me smiling?! No! Did he like me? But I dreamed of being with Niall! He kissed be on the cheeks and Liam kissed Ally on the cheeks. Niall was clenching his fist, and looked angry, I walked out of that house, confused






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