Don't Forget.

This is my first fanfic and I'm writing it for someone that really deserves it:)
Emily and Ally have wanted to move to Europe since the first grade when they became friends in the first grade. What will happen when they meet there all time favorite boy band of all time, One Direction? Or when the exes seek revenge? A bad paparrazi pic can change relationships? One bad mistake can lead to a misarable turn around. Find out in Dont Forget.


5. Bet'cha weren't expecting that


Emily's POV





I open the door to see no one other than ..... DA DA DA DAA!!!!........ Zayn, Louis, and Niall Horan standing on my front porch! They were holding a bouquet of flowers in their hands. "Welcome to the neighborhood!!!" Louis and Zayn harmonized. "Niall!" Louis coughs under his breath. I look at Niall, he was staring strait into my eyes. I blushed heavily. "Uh! Oh sorry love!" He said shaking his head and falling out of a day dream sort of thing. "WHO IS IT?" Ally calls from the kitchen. I smile, this was gonna be good. "Oh it's our new neighbors! Why don't you come to meet them al?!" Zayn giggled and I just smiled at him.she was walking out singing to herself - 'baby say yeahyyyyeeeaahhyyeeahhh and let me kiss you!' Her eyes were closed which made this all the better. When she finished the chorus she was at behind the couch, she took out her earphones and opened her eyes. She looked as she was about to faint.





Ally's POV



Emily was talking to the people at the door for a while, it was almost midnight... I was concerned. "WHO IS IT?!" I called to her. She said it was our new neighbors and that I should go meet them. I was playing my OneDirection Take Me Home album. I was singing Kiss You, right as I walked out I was rockin out inside with my eyes closed.  After I was finished singing the chorus I opened my eyes, in my front door, was one direction. I froze. Like in place and just stared at them then at Emily then at them. "Are ah are  yoo ya uh mm One Direction?!" I started fangilrling(I couldn't help my self!) "why indeed!" Louis said. " they are our new neighbors!" Emily stated, like it was no biggie." New nah ne neh- NEW NEIGHBORS?!" I said freaking out a bit " yeah, and we were wondering if you would like to come over for breakfast tomorrow morning, you know to get to know each other...?" Stated Louis. I was staring a bit when I realized, that Niall was staring deep into Emily's eyes. "Yes! That would be wonderful!" I replied, trying to be cool about it. "Great! See you ladies at nine!" Zayn said. We waved goodbye and Niall kissed Emily on the cheek. We ran to the window and saw that they lived right across the street. "1,2,3!" Ally and I said in twine. They walked into their home and shut the front door. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" ally and I screamed at the top of our

lungs for a good solid two minutes. And we discussed for twenty minutes about how we will live in a castle with Liam and Niall (our princes!) and I'm gonna tell you, we got pretty detailed! "Our baby girl will have Niall's blue eyes and my face" Emily said. We laughed. Then got our beds set up and went to slept





of course you were expecting that lol, imean thay had to meet right? xx

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