Slipping from Luna

Luna always knew that her relationship with Niall was only going to get harder as time went on. Although, she stuck through it all and hangs on until she is finally forced to let go. Thousands of miles away from each other, the two still have the same view of the moon, which may be the only thing that keeps Luna hanging on. But even some of the brightest things can't shine forever.


3. Chapter 3

  "My love's like a star, you can't always see me but you know that I'm always there, when you see one shining, take it as mine and remember I'm always near." The melodic sorrows of Demi Lovato leaked through the speakers, enhancing the salty wet droplets which fell from my brown eyes. 
  It had been one month since Niall left, and never in my life had I ever experienced loneliness like this. Not only was it painful, but it was quite depressing as my heart ached for his voice and my hands longed for his touch.
  Our home felt colder than ever, and our meadow became a field only occupied by me, the crowded sky of stars, and that beautiful white moon. Each time I saw it I would feel a smile tug at my lips, because I knew that somewhere in the world, Niall was looking at that same piece of luminescence, thinking of me. 
  When he called, it felt like we were together again, despite our painful distance. I wanted to feel his fingers intertwine with mine, and see his eyes shine like Vega, and feel his hands tug at the bottom of my thinning dark brown hair as he played with it while my head rested on his chest. 
  But through all this, it was that moon that kept me going. Some nights we'd talk on the phone beneath it and things felt like they were before he left. 
  "You should see the audience from where I stand on the stage. It's like I'm back in the meadow, all the lights against the darkness are like stars. It's amazing. The only thing that's missing is you." I smiled at the thought of him having his little home away from home.  "But enough about me, how have you been doing?" "Pretty well, actually. Going through the treatment is a bit harder now without you there to comfort me, but I'm holding on." I replied, exaggerating a bit with my strength. "That's great," he replied, with an audible relief in his tone, "and remember, every moment you're in treatment, and you're scared, I'll always be thinking of you. Not a moment goes by without me thinking about you." I sighed at this. I didn't want him worrying about me while on tour. Although, I did have to admit, I did worry that when he got back I wouldn't have any more hair for him to play with, but that thought was put aside so I could just soak in his voice. 
  I looked at the moon which Niall's eyes were currently gazing at somewhere in Spain. That full moon held so much sentiment for me, so big and bright, and full of wonder. At that moment it felt like it was shining just for me and Niall.
 "Five more months." I whispered. "Five easy months." He replied.

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