Slipping from Luna

Luna always knew that her relationship with Niall was only going to get harder as time went on. Although, she stuck through it all and hangs on until she is finally forced to let go. Thousands of miles away from each other, the two still have the same view of the moon, which may be the only thing that keeps Luna hanging on. But even some of the brightest things can't shine forever.


2. Chapter 2

Three more weeks were all we had. And they flew by faster than they should have. He spent every day at rehearsals, making sure this tour was worth spending so much time away from me.
Every moment he wasn't going over the tour plan with the other boys, he was with me. Although, he was usually tired so those moments were mostly spent in our usual spot. Laid on that pillow of green grass, comforted by that blanket of stars, the only source of light being that bright half-quarter moon and Niall's glistening blue eyes.
We didn't let our time limit get the best of us, we cherished every last minute we had. But like every love story, it wasn't long before we stood in front of the loaded tour bus, the engine revved up and ready to go.
Sighs. Tears. Slumped shoulders. That's all that filled the atmosphere. "Niall, time to get going. We don't want to be late for the first show of the tour." A long hug followed the tour manager's words.
Apparently the embrace was a few minutes long, since once again we heard, "14 hour drive. First show in 16. Let's go."
After a few more seconds and a long, lingering kiss, we released each other, our hands still entwined. "Even when we let go, please keep hanging on. I'm just slipping away for a while, I promise I'll be back before you know it. It's just 6 months. 6 easy months."
Each word soaked into my skin. 6 easy months. Keep hanging on.
He pointed up to the moon that had recently appeared in the sky, despite the mere daylight. "You know, that's the moon I'll be seeing while I'm on tour." I smiled as he continued, "Even when we're in different parts of the world, we'll be looking at the same thing. Isn't that cool?" I kissed him again. "Let it's luminescence represent me. I'm always there." "Shining just for me," he replied.
Our hands lingered around each other for a while longer before his slipped from mine. I took a final glance into his eyes which shone like Vega, our favorite star. Bright, blue, radiant, and full of wonder.
This time the orbs resembled more sadness, but I knew he'd be okay. Just 6 easy months of doing what he loves. He stood in front of the door just before they closed and smiled. "6 easy months." I fake smiled back, as he didn't know nearly how hard it was to let him slip away.
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