Slipping from Luna

Luna always knew that her relationship with Niall was only going to get harder as time went on. Although, she stuck through it all and hangs on until she is finally forced to let go. Thousands of miles away from each other, the two still have the same view of the moon, which may be the only thing that keeps Luna hanging on. But even some of the brightest things can't shine forever.


1. Chapter 1

  "A smile," he whispered. "A banana," I replied. "Or a potato chip." he suggested. I lifted my head and turned to look at my boyfriend. "What an active imagination you have," I laughed. "Well, there's not much that a moon can resemble." "True. We have better luck finding pictures in the stars." I laid my head on the grass next to his, where mine had previously been.
  This was just a typical night for me and Niall, watching the stars and using our minds to make more of them. Most would look to the sky and see a mess of shiny dots fill the space, but we didn't. Some nights we saw exotic animals, other nights we saw martini glasses. It was things like this that made our relationship different. Most would get bored laying out in this empty field with nothing but this one boy to accompany them. I drank in the silence as if it were what kept my lungs full. I sat in this field as if its emptiness kept the world turning. I stayed with this boy as if he were the only thing that could keep my heart beating. And he was.
  Three months off his job was all we needed for us to fall for each other. Completely unexpected, but unconditionally effective. Our lives had both been changed by the irrevocable infatuation we felt for each other. At first we thought we could make it in the public world, but we were destined for failure. This theory was proved to be true after a slight slip of his hand had occurred while we were crowded by people outside a restaurant just two months ago. I was lost in the crowd, yanked and pushed around a little bit, then when I was released from the pool of strangers, Niall found me with messy hair and a broken hand. We never really returned to the public again.
 We began spending most of our time in places where no one could find us, like this large expansion of green grass we had found on a long drive shortly after the incident when I had let Niall slip away from me. Our solace was what we retained to now. That, and our love. 
 Niall suddenly sat up while taking a deep breath, and I knew what was coming. It was one of the only things I could think about since the day he told me he loved me. I had known this whole time that he had a tour coming up, I was just too afraid to let it sink in. That simple sigh of "Luna..." gave it all away. I wanted to lay in this field with him forever, his eyes outshining every star in the sky. That of course, wouldn't happen, because even the stars can't shine forever. 
 I sat up next to him as the words fell from his mouth. The words I've been dreading to hear. "I promise to make it work." "I never want to lose you." "Distance has nothing on us." He said so many comforting words to accompany the sad news, but they didn't effect me. There was really nothing either of us could do to change our fate. That field was about to get slightly emptier whether we liked it or not.
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