She Not Afraid

Mia is finally out of school and its finally summer ! Her dad wants to spend more time with her because her mom and him a divorced.... Her Dad works at a big radio station place in California.... One day she well get the surprise of her life.........!
(I Promise the story well be better!)


1. Monologue


Hii the name is Mia! I am a senior in high school and live in California. My dad works at a big radio station in downtown Los Angeles. My mom and dad are divorced so i never really get to see my dad. But this summer i get to spend it with my dad.I cant wait i am so excited. My dad said i can even come with him to work because he knows i have a passion for music and, that's what i would plan to study. 



writer's note: hey guys i hope you like it ! please tell me what you think and if i should continue writing ! it would mean a lot thanks !!! :D

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