She Not Afraid

Mia is finally out of school and its finally summer ! Her dad wants to spend more time with her because her mom and him a divorced.... Her Dad works at a big radio station place in California.... One day she well get the surprise of her life.........!
(I Promise the story well be better!)


2. ~Last Day

Today was the last day of school. Finally this day couldn't of came any faster. I woke up early and got ready for school. I curled my hair and put a pair of skinny jeans and a Sleeveless Shirt. When i finished getting ready I went downstairs. I saw my mom getting ready for work. "Hey mom" I said as i started walking to the kitchen."Hey honey" She said as she saw me walking in. "Im so happy mom! today is the last day" i said in glee."I Know aha, after school you need to get ready to leave in the morning". "I know mom aha, i am almost ready i just need a few thing's" I said as I got a apple. "well i got to go its getting late." I started walking towards the door. "bye honey, see you after school. My mom said to me as i started to walk out. I walked to school because it was very close to my house. I got to my school and started walking to my locker. My friend Silvia was waiting for me next to my locker. Me and Silvia have been friends since we were babies. We had a really close relationship. "Hi" i say as i was opening my locker. "hello" she says. "whats up?" i ask her. "Excited aha today is our last day!" she says jumping a little. I giggle at her she was very funny. The bell rang and me and Silvia started walking to homeroom. When we got there our teacher told us that he didn't plan anything because is was the last day of school. So me and silvia just started talking. It was finally lunch time. Me and Silvia went for our lunches then went to go sit down. Hey when are you leaving to California?" Silvia ask's me. "Tomorrow at 8:00" I say while smiling."Hey maybe you'll run in into one direction" Silvia say's. Silvia was a HUGE directioner. I wasn't really into them they are just another boy band who thinks that they can get any girl they want."I really hope i don't ." I tell Silvia while eating. The bell rang and school was finally over. I started walking home. When I got home I went to go grab something to eat. I made a sandwich, when I finished eating i headed upstairs to finish packing. When i finished packing I went to go take a shower. When I finished showering i went to go put my pj's on. I put on my Onesie  and put my hair in a bun, I was feeling tired so i laid down on my bed. My eyes started to feel heavy then all of sudden everything went black.

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