She Not Afraid

Mia is finally out of school and its finally summer ! Her dad wants to spend more time with her because her mom and him a divorced.... Her Dad works at a big radio station place in California.... One day she well get the surprise of her life.........!
(I Promise the story well be better!)


6. ~Finally Here

~~ 2 Hours Later

I felt like forever but i think i was being a little dramatic aha. I only lived 5 hours away because i was from Arizona so it only took 2 hours on a plane. The little set belt  light when on and the flight attended said that to put our belts because we where about to land. When I got off of the plane i went for my bags and then to find my dad. I spotted my dad sitting down and waiting for me. "Hi dad" I said while hugging him. " Hi sweetie, how was the flight?' my dad ask me as he grabs some of my bags. "long aha" I say. We get in the car and start to drive to my dad's house. I turn on the radio and then kiss you by one direction started playing great. I change it and my dad looks and me wired. I guess he would think i would like one direction like the other girl's. We finally get to my dad house it was by the beach. It was nice in the inside and big. I looked at my dad who was helping me bring my bags. "your room is upstairs" he said while taking me to my new room. He opened the door and the room was beautiful. The room had a view of the beach and a balcony. The room was purple and white I loved it. "thanks dad!" I said while i give the biggest hug ever. "anything for you sweetie, well i will let you settle down and get ready for tomorrow?" "whats tomorrow?" i ask my dad a little curious. " I am gonna take you to work with me, remember you told me you loved music and that's what you where planning to study, Well i got you a job helping me" He said with a big smile. Omg i think this is the best day ever. "thank you thank you" i say to my dad sounding like a little 5 year old. "No Problem, ill be downstairs making dinner ill call you when its ready."  I cant believe this, its been a good day today. I cant believe this is how my summer is gonna be like. I start to put everything away and put everything how i like it. My closet was huge i didn't even notice till i started putting my stuff in there. I get in the shower and let the hot water hit my body. Today was a very fun and long day. I get out of the shower and put my love oink shorts on and a shirt that said pink love pink and some black slippers. I brushed my teeth then combed my hair and put it a bun. I was tired so i laid down on my bed. I started think and i thought everything was going perfect and that nothing could go wrong. I then stated to fell sleepy and feel asleep.


**********Authors note***************

Im soooo sorry i took so long i have been busy with school because i have finals and i get out in 4 weeks and it been just crazy! Can you guys tell me what you think of the story and i am holding a audition for a best friend in the fanic so yaa !! ;)

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