She Not Afraid

Mia is finally out of school and its finally summer ! Her dad wants to spend more time with her because her mom and him a divorced.... Her Dad works at a big radio station place in California.... One day she well get the surprise of her life.........!
(I Promise the story well be better!)


4. ~Airport


I woke up to hear the shaggy song playing. I forgot today was the day I was leaving to California. I check the time it's 8:30, I only have an hour to get ready. I stand up from my bed and walk to my bathroom. I washed my face and teeth, then headed to the shower. When I got out I went to my closet and got changed. I wanted to go comfortable so i picked a pair of leggings and my black panda sweater with, my white toms. I then did my hair I just throw it in a high ponytail. I finished packing and it was already 9:30 I had to hurry. I went downstairs to find my mom awake and ready to leave . "Hi honey, you ready to go?" she said as she got her keys. "yupp" i said getting my bags. We finally arrived to the airport, we had 20 min till my plane left. Me and my mom decided to get something to eat before I left. Me and my mom went to get some food at little cafe they had at the airport. We finally heard "flight 301 to LA is now ready to depart." I got up and hugged my mom what felt like hours. "I love you so much sweetie, i am going to miss you a lot." my mom said as a tear fell from her eye. "Don't cry mom your gonna make me cry." I said as i let go of her. "Well you better get going or your gonna miss your flight! and don't forget to call me when you land." she said as she gave me one last hug. "I promise and love you!" I said one last time before walking away.I looked back one more time and smiled before handing my ticket to the lady at the desk. I cant wait for California!

**** Authors note

    sorry it took me a while to write another chapter, I have been really busy with school!!! and i have been thinking if i should continue! please tell me what you guys think! :)

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