I'm your average girl, moody teenager, everyone knows me. Except they think I'm a murderer. It's not true, of course, but does that matter? Not to them; they hate me, but I survive. But it isn't until a certain band member- with the name of Niall James Horan- comes to town that my world really spins. What will happen to me? That's for me to know, and me to tell. See you around.


22. My Last Day

I was making myself a milkshake the next day while the boys went to the store. Kinz was in the shower, so it was like I was alone. And I think he knew that. Because at twelve thirty I was knocked out cold. It was a sheet with chloroform that did it, took five seconds and I was down for the count. I didn't know what happened, or how he got in, I just knew it was him.


Wooden chair. Old smell. Creaky floors. Definitely trouble. It was him, he took me to a secluded place, and is going to torture me and kill me. Well, fine, we'll play hardball- there's no way I'm dying before him. He blindfolded me, so there's obviously something that he expects to surprise me. So what, my whole family, the boys, my cousin, a camera? What? Honestly, I could guess all I wanted but I probably wouldn't be right anyway. So I settled for trying to figure out where I was. It could be anywhere, basically. Although, he would only go certain places... The old lake house, mansion, Shed, or any basement. So, all within ten miles of the school, that's something. I can get away from all of them, except maybe the mansion, but I'll figure that out if that's the case. Now, with the surrounding smell and humidity, and somewhere where it's a bit isolated, I'd say the Shed. The Shed is this cabin near the lake that is supposedly haunted (obviously, it's not, I actually spent a week or so living here). Sadly, that means I could also be anywhere inside the Shed, you can hardly tell the difference like this. 

Then, I heard a creak. It could've been from anywhere in the old house, but it was somewhat close by, maybe the next room over. He had some plan, I just wish I knew what. Although, at the same time I didn't want to. Footsteps came closer, and I knew I would figure it out soon enough.

Suddenly, the blindfold was ripped from my head which cause a pain in my neck. I kept my head down as I adjusted to the somewhat dim lighting, and I let my neck pain numb down a bit. Slowly, I looked up and tried to see where I was. It was the Shed, in the same room where the women this house is supposedly haunted by was killed. Of course, that is quite something he would do. That's when I saw him, ugly snarl in all. The one that tormented me throughout my entire life, and wanted me dead. My brother, Ryan.

"Well, you got me here, Socio. Now, what do you want with me?" I gave him a small smile.

"Only time will tell, little sister." He replied.

"Oh, we both know I'm not your sister anymore. I was disowned, remember?"

"Of course. Was the best day of my life."

"So, why ruin it? Why are you coming after me now when you had billions of chances throughout the years." He smirked at me, and started walking around me.

"It's simple sis." He was behind me now. "Because, you see, now you have people to care about. I was just going to wait until you could almost leave and take your freedom, but this is so much better." He grabbed the back of my chair and spun me around. A camera. 

That's when the reality of it hits me. If anyone comes to save me, he's going to make them watch me die.


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