I'm your average girl, moody teenager, everyone knows me. Except they think I'm a murderer. It's not true, of course, but does that matter? Not to them; they hate me, but I survive. But it isn't until a certain band member- with the name of Niall James Horan- comes to town that my world really spins. What will happen to me? That's for me to know, and me to tell. See you around.


17. Like Old Times


"Long time no see," She stated. I laughed and sat on my new little cot, and leaned on the wall as I pulled one knee to my chest.

"It's not my fault you robbed my parents, though I wish it was!" She laughed.

"They're the ones who threw their own sister out with no money to take care of us."

"Trust me, I don't blame you. At least you were only gone for a year, not two. They're mighty good at throwing people out."

"True. So, how have you been? You know, with the whole 'murderer' thing." She out air quotes around the word 'murderer'.

"Fine. I have Maura." I stated simply.

"Anything else? Last time I saw you, you were still acting defenseless." She continued.

"Not really..." I trailed off. I was still surprised they put me in the same cell as her. I mean, we're family.

"Liar," She narrowed her eyes. Damn, she could always tell when I was lying. How, I didn't know, she was the only one that could.

"Fine," I sighed, "Maura and five boys," I admitted. Her eyes lit up, she always loved it when it came to boys.

"Interesting. On a scale from Cole Sprouse to Channing Tatum, how hot are they?" She asked, leaning forward.

"Come on, Kinz!" I complained.

"Just answer it, I need entertainment!" She went on.

"Fine. One Direction."

"Really?" She exclaimed. "That's like, at the top of the scale! What are their names?" I was really scared at what her reaction will be, she's going to freak. Music was the first thing we found we had in common, and I knew she loved them. I took a deep breath, and let it out really fast.

"Liam, Niall, Zayn, Harry, and Louis." She gasped.

"You're joking," She had disbelief written clear across her face. I slowly shook my head, and she started to quietly freak out.

"You're actually friends with One Direction?" She seemed dumb founded.

"I'd say so, yeah," I laughed, anxiously twirling the end of my hair.

"Oh my God!"

"Yeah... Um, how can you stand these outfits? They itch so much!" I said trying to change the subject.

"You just don't want to talk about them!" She complained.

"But these are itchy!" I said. She narrowed her eyes, but let it slide.

"They let you change every so often. Just turn it inside out and scrape it against the wall, that'll do the trick." She was suspicious, and I knew I wouldn't avoid it for long.

"So, anyway, what's your bail set at?" Kinzely asked, which made me scrunch my face in confusion.

"You know yours?" She laughed at that.

"Five hundred," My eyes widened.

"What? How come no ones bailed you out then?"

"Think of why I'm here. We have no money. They tried, I know they did, but it didn't work. Thanks to your mom, my week that was supposed to hold me here, turned into a year. I'm out next week."

"So, I only get to see my cuz for a week? That's not enough time to catch up!" I complained.

"But, if you weren't lying- which I don't think you were- you're friends with a millionaire! You'll be out by tomorrow!" She laughed. I desperately tried to think of a way to prove her wrong, but she's always right. Ever since I was a kid, I've only won one fight with her, and that was who would do better in class- which was me, by the way.

"But they don't even know I'm here!" I tried- and it was true, they really didn't.

"Oh honey, the whole town knows you're here. I can practically hear the celebration music now," She joked. "But, if you insist on telling him yourself, you haven't gotten your phone call yet. Golkin, kid hasn't been given a phone call!" She yelled. Soon, a short man- maybe five- five- with short brown hair walked over.

"Nice day, Kinzeley? Let's go, Swither," He said, opening the door as I walked out with him.

"Good enough," She replied.

"As always," The deputy said, holding my arm as I was guided to the one payphone in the whole town. After he slipped a quarter into the machine, I dialed Nialls' number as the ringing began. After about three rings, he picked up and multiple voices could be heard.

"Hello?" His accent rang out.

"Hey, it's Liyla," I replied.

"Oh, whose phone are you using?"

"The cops." I mumbled.

"What?" He sounded worried, at least he caught on fast.

"I got arrested,"

"Arrested! What for?" He exclaimed. I immediately heard a shush in the background, and knew the rest of the boys were listening.

"Trespassing, demolition of school property, and I guess all of the complaints and stress I've given the town. For some reason, that's a total of a year here." He sucked in a breath.

"Geeze, that's harsh. Okay, what's the bail set at?"

"I'm not sure, probably a couple hundred over what the demolition was." I guessed.

"Alright, I'll be over there soon, can't have my girlfriend in jail unfairly, now can we?"

"I wouldn't call it unfair, but I agree with that first part." I laughed, "Oh, and can you get five hundred dollars out of my safe? My cousin's here and I need to get her out."

"You saved up that money for yourself! You're going to spend it on yourself, I'll pay the five hundred, end of discussion."


"No 'buts'! I'll see you soon, darlin'." The line went dead. Darn that boy, sometimes he's too stubborn, a little like me. Sighing, I hung up the phone and let the man guide me back to my cell.

"It's less than a day, isn't it?" She smirked as I groaned, confirming her.

"I hate it when you're right!" I said, slumping back on my cot, and then I smiled. "But you're coming with us,"  Her eyes widened.

"What? You shouldn't waste hundreds of dollars on me, I can wait seven days!"

"That doesn't matter to me. You weren't supposed to be here this long, we're getting you out, you can live with us if you really need to."

"Ra-" She tried.

"Don't 'Ray' me! This is one discussion you are losing!" She huffed and crossed her arms at my statement. I was smiling smugly, as we just stared at each other. We stayed that way for- at most- a minute. And then we burst out hysterically laughing.

"Oh my gosh!" I said in between laughs. "I totally missed hanging out with you!"

"Well, we are 'Really Cuz's For Totally Like Ever Always'!"

"We were like six when we came up with that, right?" I was laughing so hard.

"I was thinking five!" She exclaimed, and we fist bumped. We continued talking like this- joking around, telling random stories, and just catching up- until about an hour or so later. My boys had showed up to take me out of this retched place. I realized how lucky I was to have them, not many people were in jail for little over an hour. That sounds really spoiled, but you know, good things happen to those who wait. I took this as a reward for my two years waiting.

"Celdere, Swither, your bail has been set. Let's go." Officer Golkin told us, unlocking the cell door and letting us out.

"I'll see you around, then Golkin," Kinzeley said.

"As always," He replied with a smile.

"Right," She laughed. We approached the desk where our old clothes were, and the office there grabbed the cases from a top shelf, and put them on the desk. I reached for the one on the right, which had my name on it, as Kinzeley grabbed hers on the left.

"Let's go, cuz," I said, linking my arm with hers as we walked into two little changing rooms. Sighing happily, I pulled the ratchet jumpsuit up and over my head, and replaced it with my lace shirt, jean jacket, and shorts. My smile broadened as I saw my combat boots, and slipped them on. I don't know why I liked them this much, but it was really funny to me. After I was all set, I walked out of the room, handed the jumpsuit to the officer, and out of the building. I noticed Kinzeley had finished before me, and was currently talking excitedly to the boys. For some reason, I didn't want to just walk up to them, so I ducked behind a cop car to my right. I practically crawled behind all of the cars until I was right behind Zayn. Putting a hand over my mouth to keep myself from laughing, I slowly crept around the car, so there was nothing in my way. I slowly counted to three, calming my laughs down. Once I got to three, I jumped up and on to Zayns back, screaming a bunch of nonsense.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Zayn shrieked, stumbling forward a bit, as the rest of the group jumped back. As soon as they registered it was me acting crazy, they burst into laughter.

"You're so weird." Zayn laughed.

"Why, thank you!" I said. Suddenly, I was pulled from Zayns back, and twirled around in a hug, my feet leaving the ground.

"I missed you, Liv!" Louis screamed, hugging me tighter.

"It's been five hours, Louis!" I mocked back. He set me back on my own feet, both of us laughing. I turned around, and we both walked back towards the circle. They were lost in their own conversation, and from what I heard of it, they were explaining how we all met. As I came to a stop to Nialls right, I felt his arm snake around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I looked up once he did so, and smiled.

"Don't scare me like that, alright?" He asked. I laughed, but nodded. Smiling, he leaned in for a kiss, and I obviously didn't object. Once our lips touched, fire ran through my body. I wonder if that would happen every time we kissed... I would sure hope so. As we pulled away, I looked back to the group and saw two piercing green eyes staring right back at me. She looked a bit mad, which caused me to laugh nervously.

"You seemed to have left that part out." She said calmly.

"Yeah.." I scratched the back of my neck. She lightly nodded, and I took that as my signal to run. I took a quick turn around and sprinted away, in the direction of the inner corner of the parking lot. She was running behind me, and as I glanced back, she was smiling.

"Would you believe me if I said I forgot?" I yelled back.

"Absolutely not! You're gonna get it!" She laughed as she said that. We were running in a circle now, and I could see the boys laughing. I loved the feeling of running- I knew Kinzeley did as well, but for different reasons. For me, it just felt so free, my muscles working, feet hitting the ground in a rhythm, I could go wherever  I wanted. I smiled at the thought, then shouted at the boys, we'll meet you at Maura's!" I slowed down a bit as I exited the parking lot and Kinzeley caught up to me, her black hair flowing behind her. We smiled at each other, and returned to full speed as we ran to our temporary home.





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