I'm your average girl, moody teenager, everyone knows me. Except they think I'm a murderer. It's not true, of course, but does that matter? Not to them; they hate me, but I survive. But it isn't until a certain band member- with the name of Niall James Horan- comes to town that my world really spins. What will happen to me? That's for me to know, and me to tell. See you around.


1. Just Me

Hi, I'm Liylaray Swither. I used to be a star student, have model behavior, and was a person every body loved. Now I'm an outcast on my own in a small town with no where to go until I'm eighteen and can get a passport. I was kicked out of the house, and now live in the only school in this hell-hole. Many people come and go, so it's not as if we're isolated. Even if you just got here the day before, you'll know who I am. No one believes me, or talks to me. Who cares, right? I'm fine on my own, having the connections that I do, It's kind of fun. No one shops at the ones I do after dark, and if they see me they'll shrink away as if I'd murder them. And that's exactly what they think. I can't change anything, trust me I've tried.

I have black hair that covers my eyes, bright green eyes, and freckles on the bridge of my nose. I have the most innocent face in town, so you wouldn't expect me to be who I am. But, can't change a thing. Enough about me, you'll find out the rest soon enough. Gotta' jet, sundown and shopping day!

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