I'm your average girl, moody teenager, everyone knows me. Except they think I'm a murderer. It's not true, of course, but does that matter? Not to them; they hate me, but I survive. But it isn't until a certain band member- with the name of Niall James Horan- comes to town that my world really spins. What will happen to me? That's for me to know, and me to tell. See you around.


18. I'm Pregnant

"Pass the chips!" I shouted, jumping on the kitchen counter. Kinzeley reached into the cabinet behind her, grabbed the chips, turned around and threw it to me.

"She shoots!" She yelled, and as I caught them said, "she scores!"  I laughed at her as I put two chips into my mouth.

"You know, this place hasn't changed a bit,"  Kinzeley said.

"Why should it, anyway?" I responded, with a sly smile.

"Some things should stay the same, I suppose,"

"One thing that shouldn't is the fact that Liyla is on my counter," Maura joked, walking into the kitchen for a glass of water. I groaned as I slid off of the counter, my feet finding the floor.

"Thank you," She sang.

"Yeah, yeah," I replied, trailing after Kinzeley, who was now making her way into the living room.

"What should we do today? I am so sick of sitting around doing nothing all day, every day." She stated, sitting on the arm of the brown loveseat.

"Hm. I'll go ask the boys, yeah?" I stated, walking into the little game room they had set up near the back of the house.

"Oh, boys!" I said, extending the word 'boys'. They practically grunted in response, sucked into their game.

"I see how it is. Pause it before I shut it off, got a question." It took them a few seconds, but Liam paused the game.

"What's up?" Zayn asked. I leaned against the door way.

"Kinz and I want to do something, 'cause we really haven't done much lately, so what'cha want to do? Besides playing Black Ops, of course." I heard the sigh, before suggestions came from Louis.

"Let's go swimming!" All the boys nodded in agreement. Tilting my head, I said:

"That's a good idea Lou, but Kinz and I don't have swim suits," I did want to go swimming, but the stupid cops basically took my whole wardrobe.

"My mom might have a few here. New shipments and all," Niall suggested.

"Then I'll go check, you can finish your silly little game now," I joked, walking away. I heard the game start up again as I made my way up stairs to knock on Maura's door. After about five seconds, I heard a faint 'come in', so I turned the knob and walked in. Maura was sitting at her desk, probably working on some expenses.

"Hey hey hey," I said, walking up behind her.

"I'm a bit busy, Liyla, is there something you wanted?" Maura politely asked.

"Oh, right, sorry. By any chance, do you have two extra swim suits?" She thought for a moment.

"I should. If I do, they're in the guest bedroom- or rather your temporary room," She explained.

"Thanks! I'll let you get back to work." I said, walking out.

"Any time," I shut the door behind me, and made my way into the bed room.

"Somewhere in the closet," I mumbled to myself, opening the closet. There were a few boxes in the corner, but fairly empty. The top few boxes were filled with last seasons fashion, and the swim suits happened to be in the very bottom one. As I opened it, I immediately saw neon colors, and flowery print. I looked for mine first. Somewhere in the middle of the box, I found a cute string bikini, with a few red anchors across the top and bottom, with a navy blue as the background. For Kinzeley, I picked a bright pink strapless bikini- simple but effective. I marched down the stairs, bikini's in hand, and passed the pink one to Kinzeley as I passed her.

"Cute!" She walked to the closest bathroom, as I kept going to the game room. I peeked my head in and said;

"Get changed, we're going swimming!" They all cheered, and I laughed as I walked to the bathroom. A few minutes later, I walked out of the bathroom in my swim suit, after going to the bathroom and putting waterproof bandages on. I walked into the living room where Louis and Harry were. Louis was wearing red striped trunks, with no shirt, and Harry was wearing solid blue ones, also without a shirt.

"Hey! Girl, you looking fab-boo,"  Louis said.

"Boy, you looking smo-king," I copied his tone of voice.

"Hey, only I can flirt with Boobear! You have Niall!" Harry joked, hugging Louis tightly.

"Fine, fine," I put my hands up, as I walked up the stairs to get a towel. I opened the cabinet and grabbed a blue towel, when I heard a voice.

"Can you grab me a towel?" I jumped, not expecting the sudden noise. The cabinet was taller than I was, so I didn't have any indication that someone was even standing there before he said something. I snatched up a red towel, and shut the cabinet.

"Yeah," I laughed, handing Niall the towel. He looked me up and down, quickly, and stuttered out,

"T-thanks," Rolling my eyes, I grabbed his hand, and together we walked down the stairs, and to the back where everyone was already at. I lied my towel down on a chair, and grabbed the hair tie on my hand to put my hair- very painfully- into a high bun. As I was walking to the shallow end, I felt a sudden burst of cold water against my skin, and I realized the boys had all jumped in. I slid myself into the cool water at the five feet mark, so only my head was above water. As I swam to meet the boys, Kinzeley joined me at the six foot mark, her hair too in a bun.

"Hey, I just remembered something," Niall suddenly piped up.

"What is it?" Liam asked, turning around- he now had everyone's attention.

"I remember Liv saying she'd love to play 'truth or dare' with us- she'd do anything." He smirked, in which I returned one.

"Then let's play!" Zayn said. We all agreed, and swam so that we were all in the shallow end, against the walls. Zayn at the end, then Harry and Louis, Kinzeley, Niall and I, and Liam at the other end.

"Okay, who wants to go first?" Kinzeley asked. There was silence for a few moments, then Harry burst out saying;

"I have one!" He paused for dramatic effect. "Niall. Truth or Dare," Niall seemed hesitant for a moment before confidently answering;

"Truth," Harry smirked, and Nialls face fell. I stifled a laugh as I interlocked my left hand in his right.

"Alright. Have you ever done any... sexual actions with another girl?" My head snapped to the left to see Nialls' face was bright red.

"U-uhm." He stuttered out.

"Come on then!" Louis slightly shouted.

"Er, yeah..." He trailed off. Hm. I'm not sure whether to be jealous or not, but Nialls' embarrassed face was really cute, so I decided I wasn't. A chorus of laughter followed his answer, and I turned my head back to see everyone. Niall cleared his throat;

"Louis. Truth or dare?" He continued.

"Dare!" Shouted Louis.

"Hmmmm... I dare you to... kiss Harry, on the lips, for three seconds." He finished.

"Easy. Come 'ere Hazza!" Louis took the back of Harry's head, and kissed him with a smile. I couldn't hide the smile from my face, and I saw Kinzeley smiling as well. In secret, we're both major Larry shippers, so this was like a dream. The kiss ended too soon, and they pulled away laughing.

"Woo! Alright! Zayn! Truth or dare?" Louis asked.

"Uh... I might regret saying this but dare." Louis put a hand to his chin and thought for a moment.

"I dare you to smack everyone's butootski."

"Oh God," I laughed. Zayn laughed as we all scooted away from the wall, and he started at Harry. He laughed loudly as Zayn's hand came in contact with his bum, and then Zayn went to slap Louis'. As he came to Kinzeley, he hesitated a bit, but she laughed and waved him on. Right as he was about to lightly tap it, I fake coughed and said;

"Dat ass," She started laughing, and moved back against the wall as he came to Niall. He slapped it then, came to me, and again, lightly tapped it. After he went to Liam, Niall wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him, and went back against the wall.

"So, Liam, truth or dare?" He asked.

"Dare," Liam smirked, and so did Zayn.

"Then, I dare you to get out of the water and pull your trunks down."

"What?!" Liam almost shrieked.

"You heard me!" He replied.

"It's a dare!" Harry said. He didn't look happy, but he made his way up the steps and stood at the edge of the pool. He looked around really quickly, and pulled his pants down, fast. I got one glimpse, when Niall covered my eyes. I grumbled a bit as I heard Kinzeley shout;

"Holy Batman!" My eyes were then uncovered to see a laughing group, and Liam back in the pool.

"Alright... Kinzeley, truth or dare."

"Truth," She replied.

"Great," He and I smirked, and her eyes widened. "What was the thing you most wanted to do to Louis about two years ago?" Her face bloomed bright red, and she looked straight at me, knowing I told him.

"Yeah, what did you want to do to me?" Louis replied, a smug look on his face.

"Oh, well... Basically... I said... I'd sorta want to, uh, run my tongue along your whole body and uh hear you like... moan my name..." She hid her face in her hands and laughed a bit, along with the rest of us hysterically laughing. "Hey, I know I'm not the only one who ever said something like that about you guys!" She defended, popping her head back up.

"Okay, don't focus on that anymore. Cuz! Truth or dare?" She asked me. I thought for a moment before choosing dare. That cause her to smirk.

"Sweet. I dare you to go tell Maura you're pregnant, and act like you really are." A chorus of 'oooo's were soon heard and Niall replied;

"I'm starting to think you want to hurt me," He was nervous, and I laughed.

"Alright, I'll do it." I made my way out of the water, and grabbed my towel to dry off a bit. Once I was dry, I put my towel down, took a deep breath, and walked inside. Maura was in the kitchen, making a few snacks. I put a slightly scared expression on my face.

"Hey, I was just making some snacks for you kids." She said.

"Thanks..." I trailed off in a small voice. I couldn't believe I was doing this.

"Something wrong, honey?" She asked, concern in her voice.

"Well... there's something, but I'm really not sure who to tell first..." I looked down.

"You can tell me anything," She gave me a reassuring smile. I made a few tears run down my face, before saying;

"I-I," She pulled me into a hug as I fake cried, while she stroked the back of my head.

"I-I'm pregnant!" I admitted. I felt her tense up, and then muttered;

"That boy..."

"Are you mad?" I asked quietly.

"No, not at you, honey. Niall, yes, but not you. Have you told him?" She asked. I shook my head. "Then let's go get him, alright?" I nodded, and we made our way to the back, me looking like a lost puppy, and her a concerned parent.

"Niall? Come here, please," She called. I could see everyone trying to stifle a laugh as Niall got out of the pool, grabbed his towel, and walked over. He looked at my face, and I could tell he didn't know what I had said about it, just that he was going to get a big talk. We walked through the hall, and into the kitchen where we sat around the table. Just as she was about to say something, Niall burst out laughing.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't hold it in!" He blurted out. "It was a dare mom!" She looked shocked for a second, before looking at me with an angered expression.

"Bye!" I shrieked, running out the door and up the stairs.

"Liyaray Swither!"

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