I'm your average girl, moody teenager, everyone knows me. Except they think I'm a murderer. It's not true, of course, but does that matter? Not to them; they hate me, but I survive. But it isn't until a certain band member- with the name of Niall James Horan- comes to town that my world really spins. What will happen to me? That's for me to know, and me to tell. See you around.


5. 'Date'?

It was seven that next day, I was starved. I desperately needed food in my system. Just then, I heard a knock at my door, and ran to open it. I saw Niall standing there, and holding a bag of... Nandos? I've never heard of it, must be new. I didn't care, I was too darn hungry. As I held the door open for him I said:

"What's Nandos? I've never even heard of it." His mouth practically dropped open.

"Seriously? It's just my favorite place in the world!" He exclaimed as I chuckled.

"Well, it better be good, I'm starving. Oh, and how much did you bring? I eat a small amount, but am starving like five minutes later!" I explained.

"That's good, because I eat about every hour."

"It's perfect!" I exclaimed jokingly. I lead him to my table and cleared off all of my little notes.

"You know, I never got to ask. What's all the writing on the walls?" He asked, looking around the room. It's simple, really. Some things don't belong in my notebook, as if I'd forget it if I don't see it every day.

"Things that just don't belong in my note book." I stated simply, looking at the writing as well.






Hope' That's what's on my right wall, then right above my bed is 'I'm (not) okay'

It may not make sense to most people, but it makes plenty sense to me. These words are my life, all my memories.

"Well, anyway, you have to try this Peri Peri chicken." He smiled. I smiled back and nodded as he opened a box, it looked delicious. I took a fork, prying one out and eating it. It tasted just about as amazing as it looked.

"That's awesome!"

"I thought you'd like it." He said. I felt like I was smiling too much. I can't open up to him this soon. He can't be trusted yet, no one could. They always end up breaking me, and then ditching me for someone better. Not this time.

"So, since my mom obviously wants us to be friends, why don't we play twenty questions?" Niall asked.

"Well, I can't garuntee they'd all be answered."

"Alright with me."

"Then you first," I smiled.

"Okay. Favorite color?"

"Blue." I crossed my arms in front of me, already full.


"September ninth, 1995,"

"That's close to my birthday, the thirteenth." He smiled which I returned.

"Let's see, favorite book?"

"That would have to be The Fault in Our Stars"

"Nice. Favorite animal?"

"Narwhales, forever!"

"They're hilarious aren't they?" He exclaimed.

"Of course!" I laughed.

"Okay, favorite movie?"

"Harry Potter, every one!" I laughed.

"Now I know you're obsessed."

"Good," By this time, I had made my way to my bed and plopped down.

"Favorite song?"

"That's a hard one. Let's see, either 'The Ballad of Mona Lisa' by Panic! At The Disco or 'Waiting For Superman' by Daughtry." I smiled.

It was only then when I realized that Niall was sitting on my bed, and we had gotten closer, our faces now only inches away. Wait, what am I doing? I can't trust him, we just met! I couldn't stop myself, though. He kept leaning in, and so did I. My eyes shut, against my will, and I could soon feel his breath on my lips. I loved his smell already, the Nandos we just had, and a bit of mint. And that's when all my defenses, and common sense completely left me.

Niall wrapped his arms around my waist, and pulled me closer, closing the gap as I wrapped my arms around his neck. As soon as our lips touched- as cheep as it sounds- sparks flew and butterflies erupted in my stomach. I never knew this feeling, and even if I did it was too long ago to remember. The feeling of being truly likes, and excepted. I liked it, and I didn't want to see it end. Our lips moved in sinc for a few more seconds, before I pulled away. I looked into his oceanic blue eyes, and almost melted. Then my defenses and common sense came crashing back on me, and I shot across the room, my back to him.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"We can't do this. There's too much you don't know about me, too much you don't want to know." I looked down at my feet, I'm the only one who knows what I'm talking about, and I intend to keep it that way.

"Why wouldn't I want to know?" He sounded really concerned.

"They aren't good things," I said quietly. Suddenly, Niall was behind me, and turning me around. He took my cheeks In his hand lightly, and tilted my face up so we were looking into each others eyes.

"I don't care. I've never felt this way about anyone, especially not someone I just met." I felt the same way, but I couldn't let him in. No matter how much I wanted to, I just couldn't.

"Those things, I won't be telling. Not aloud, not ever." I said. Tears were about to come to my eyes, but I wouldn't let them, I couldn't seem weaker than I already do. Just then, Niall's phone rang, and he looked over.

"I have to go, you know how my mom gets," He sighed, and grabbed his jacket that I hadn't seen him bring.

"Yeah," I said shyly, as he walked out. I sighed- I tend to do that a lot when it comes to him- and sat back down at my desk, strumming as I thought about how I could put this feeling into words.


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