loved you first- a harry styles fan-fict (vampire)

Adriana Madrigal, an 18 year old girl who doesn't have any luck with the guys. But when she gets into a car accident will she find her true love...? what will happen. She will find out dark secrets.

Adriana's parents died in a car accident a year and a half ago but she still misses them and loves her parents with all her heart. Adriana is an only child. she has two cousins that live with her and their names are nevaeh and paula. They are the sisters she never had.

Adriana loves listening to one direction. Her cousin's and her made a plan to go to a 1D concert and hope to get lucky and met the guys. Adriana is a shy, loveing and caring person, if someone gets her mad she will defend herself. Adriana works at starbucks. Well she is on her way for an interview and she hopes she gets the job. She's mexican/puerto rican. She currently lives in California


9. Chapter 9

In the next chapter I'm finally going to introduce paula and nevaeh to one direction and I'm going to describe how they look to you guys since I didn't do that in the begining of the story. This is going to be a short chapter because I have writers block, so this is going to be a filler chapter (I think thats what its called lol) I might try to make this chapter long but no promises.

I hope you like it :)

please comment so i know you read or if you liked it and if i should continue because I feel like people dont like my story so i might stop writing and go back to reading or help my friend @aDUB4ever01 write a book on our account we made on, that we are sharing. the book is called "one direction hotel" follow us our other account is Nikki_tima. she wrote most of it so she gets the credit :) i hope you like it. 

 ok now back to the story :) sorry for the long authors note.

Adriana's Pov: 

Harry walked into the kitchen then spoke, "Hey girls I wanted to know if you girls would like to meet the rest of the group?"

I looked at the girls to see big smiles on there faces, I guess that's a yes. "Yes!!" nevaeh screamed "I mean yeah sure" she said trying to hid her blush

"Alright, we'll leave when you girls are ready" Harry said smiling

"Just make yourself comfortable harry and we'll be down in a few minutes" I said as Paula, nevaeh and I walked up the steps to our room. Harry sat in the lounge room and flipped through the channels.

I walked into my room and locked the door and  walked to my closet and chose out a white t-shit and put a grey blazer on top with a pink scarf, then I chose navy blue skinny jeans with pink high heels that matched my scarf. I took out my jewelry and put on pink feathered earrings and a pink and grey watch, then I went to the bathroom and applied black eyeliner and mascara then I put light pink eyeshadow.

(A/N: link on the bottom of what they wore. even thought i didnt describe what paula and nevaeh wore thats what they wore, im going to decribe there outfits on the next chapter.

I walked out my room and saw Nevaeh already waiting "Now we have to wait for Paula" harry said "She takes long just like zayn" we giggled, then Paula came down the stairs "Sorry guys, i'm done" she smiled

"You girls look beautiful" harry said smiling looking direct at me.

"Thank you" we said at the same time.

"you girls ready now?" harry asked, we nodded "alright lets go"

we walked out the door and I locked the door, then we walked to harry's car. Paula and nevaeh's eyes and mouth were wide open when they saw Harry's car. haha I did the same when I saw his car. "Nice car" paula said and nevaeh agreed shaking her head. "Thank you" harry said, Then we climbed in paula and nevaeh sat in the back and I sat in the front next to harry.


We made it to harry's hotel. we walked out and walked into the hotel. surprisingly there wern't any fans or any people besides the people who worked there. we walked to the elevator and I saw harry push the 7th floor, I guess thats where his room is.

Harry lead us to his room, room 101, he took out his key and opened the door, he stepped aside letting us in and then he shut his door. "Louis ,liam, niall, zayn were here" he yelled.

"BOOBEAR!!! your here" I heard someone yell and run to harry and spin him around, then put him down and turned around to see us, haha louis of course, harry chuckled once he put him down then introduced us to the guys, I wanted to scream my head off haha but I gotta calm down, I'm not those kind of crazy fans that love and know everything about them but I do love there songs, the way they act and just everything about them. hahah

"Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn this is Paula, Nevaeh and adriana" harry said pointing to each of us.

"Hello i'm Liam" he said sticking out for us to shake, i gladly shook it, so did the girls

"HELLO!! I'm LOUIS!!" he said yelling hahah, he didn't even bother shaking our hands he just hugged us haha

"Hi, i'm Niall,and  i love food" niall said which we started giggling, he stuck out his hand for us to shake.

"Hello gorgeous, i'm Zayn" he said to all of us mostly to Paula then he gave us a hug.

"I'm pretty sure you guys already knew that already" Niall said in his cute irish accent.


Well that's all for now. I hope that was alot.

I hope you guys liked it and I hope you guys read my author's notes at the top and on my other chapters. please comment i want to know if you guys liked it

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