loved you first- a harry styles fan-fict (vampire)

Adriana Madrigal, an 18 year old girl who doesn't have any luck with the guys. But when she gets into a car accident will she find her true love...? what will happen. She will find out dark secrets.

Adriana's parents died in a car accident a year and a half ago but she still misses them and loves her parents with all her heart. Adriana is an only child. she has two cousins that live with her and their names are nevaeh and paula. They are the sisters she never had.

Adriana loves listening to one direction. Her cousin's and her made a plan to go to a 1D concert and hope to get lucky and met the guys. Adriana is a shy, loveing and caring person, if someone gets her mad she will defend herself. Adriana works at starbucks. Well she is on her way for an interview and she hopes she gets the job. She's mexican/puerto rican. She currently lives in California


4. Chapter 4


"Is she ok now?" niall said breaking the silence

"Ermm.. I think she should be, she has her head rapped up and a broken arm, I think they are going to do some tests to see if she has a concussion or something." I said "I didn't really get to talk to her much because the doctor gave me 5 minutes and she was sleeping when I got there. I'm going back tomorrow to check on her." I said smiling.

"Ohhh!!! Someone has a crush!!" Zayn and Louis said in a sing song voice

"I do not." Did I..?

"How did you do it." Liam asked

"Do what..?" I asked confused

Liam gave me a are you serious look.

"How did you hold in your temptation of..." ***********************************************************************************************************

Harry's POV:

"How did you hold in your temptation of.. Ermm.. well you know.. sucking her blood?" Liam asked

"Oh that." I said then bit my lip and looked at the ground. "Well at first I didn't pay attention to her blood, I just wanted to get her out safe. But when I was at the hospital I was going to loose it, all I smelled was her blood and everyone else blood. Then..." I told them my story


As I walked out of Adri's room I put my shades back on so no one would notice my eye's, they were turning reddish-gold, I kept my fangs in my mouth hiding them. I was trying to get out of there before I did something stupid. I walked with my head down when I heard someone speaking.

"So I'm guessing you're the mystery guy that called and let us know Adri was in a car accident, Thank you." she said

I controlled myself so I didn't show my fangs and they went back up in my mouth. I looked up and replied, "Yes that was me and your welcome, your friend is with the doctor right now, I was just leaving." I don't know why I was sad. I just didn't want anything bad to happen to her.

"Hey, why don't you come back tomorrow? I think they are going to keep her over night."she said, It sounded like she was trying to cheer me up,

"Yeah I will" I guess it did because there was a smile spreading across my face.

They didn't recognize me because I had my shades on. I suddenly felt like I was going to suck the blood out of them so I controlled myself and said,

"Well I have to get going now, bye girls." Then the girl with the long, red curly hair said as I was walking away "Bye harry" I stopped and turned around and took my shades off and winked, then put them back on and went into the elevator. I guess she figured it was me.

When I walked into the elevator I waited a couple of minutes and checked if the girls were gone. They were so I got out checked for doctors or nurses. I inhaled the smell of blood and followed it until I got to one room, It was a storage room for the blood-bags  my eyes widened and turned from green to reddish-gold I felt so bad but I needed it and I didn't want to hurt anyone. I grabbed 2 bags and drank them, I felt better so I quickly got out before anyone could notice me.

I went down the elevator walked out the hospital and got a cab. I could of just ran home using my vampire speed but I was tired.

"Where to sir?" said the cab driver.

( A/N: like I said in my other chapter, I've never been to California, only when I was a little baby so I don't really know all the places and stuff. I also looked it up where he stayed so if I'm wrong let me know)

"To the W Los Angeles Westwood, 930 Hilgard Avenue Los Angeles." And that's when I arrived.

***End of flashback***

The boys looked at me when I finished telling them what happened.

"I'm tired" I told the boy's "Good night"

"Harry... You did a good thing today, Sleep well" Liam said while smiling

"Good night harry" every one else said before going into there rooms. I closed my door and took my bloody polo and then my pants. I walked in my boxers and laid in bed thinking about today and Adri. I then drifted into sleep.

**The next morning**

Paula's POV:

Nevaeh and I went to Adri's room and choose out some new clothes for adri to change into when we go pick her up in the morning.

"Lets go nevaeh, are you ready. We have to be there before adri wakes up and before harry gets there." I said

"I'm coming" nevaeh yelled as she came down the steps We got into our car and Nevaeh drove us to the hospital.

We went up the elevator to her room. *Knock Knock* nevaeh knocked.

"come in" we heard adri say

"hey how are you feeling?" I asked her

"I'm feeling better, the doctor said I can leave now. I don't have a concussion or anything, Dr.core said if I have severe headaches to come again so they can see whats wrong." adri said

"Thats good, heres your clothes, go change so we can go soon." I said, She left to go get changed.

"Where's harry he should be here soon" nevaeh said quietly so adri doesn't hear.

15 minutes or so she came out. "Alright I'm ready lets go." adri said

we have to stall until he gets here. "Ohh.. whats the rush lets stay here for a little while." I said hoping she didn't suspect anything.

she gave me a umm.. ok look

"What... why, you were just rushing me and now you want me to wait. What are you hiding or what are you guys up to?"

"What are you talking about?" I said looking around the room while trying to come up with something. "We can't just sit down and.. erm just talk here...?" I said as I heard a knock on the door. my eyes widened and looked at nevaeh its probably harry.

"Hey adri lets go put some.. umm..make up on in the bathroom" nevaeh said grabbing adris hand before letting her talk. I guess she was thinking the same thing.

I opened the door to find harry standing behind the door. "Harry your here." I said "Hey sorry if im late." harry said. " its fine, wait till me and nevaeh leave the room." I said. "alright." harry said.

I opened the door and got nevaeh and told adri we were going to go sign her out of the hospital.

We walked out and walked out to harry. "Ok shes in here room, you can go in now." I said, " Oh Harry by the way I'm Paula and this is Nevaeh" I said

"Nice to meet you girls, I'm harry styles." he said smiling and holding out his hand for us to shake it.

"We know that harry." we said and laughed "Alright you can go in now, have fun" I winked and he laughed and walked towards her door.

*Knock Knock* harry knocked on the door.


I hope you guys liked it. let me know if I have any misspelled words or any other errors.


 let me know what you guys thought (:

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