loved you first- a harry styles fan-fict (vampire)

Adriana Madrigal, an 18 year old girl who doesn't have any luck with the guys. But when she gets into a car accident will she find her true love...? what will happen. She will find out dark secrets.

Adriana's parents died in a car accident a year and a half ago but she still misses them and loves her parents with all her heart. Adriana is an only child. she has two cousins that live with her and their names are nevaeh and paula. They are the sisters she never had.

Adriana loves listening to one direction. Her cousin's and her made a plan to go to a 1D concert and hope to get lucky and met the guys. Adriana is a shy, loveing and caring person, if someone gets her mad she will defend herself. Adriana works at starbucks. Well she is on her way for an interview and she hopes she gets the job. She's mexican/puerto rican. She currently lives in California


3. Chapter 3

 There's chapter 3, I'll try to make this one long . enjoy :) _____________________________________________________________________________

Paula and Nevaeh enter the hospital and run to the check in desk.


Nevaeh's POV:

"Hello, what can I do for you Lady's?" said the receptionist

"Which room is Adriana Madrigal in?" I said fast trying to hurry up so we can go see adri. 

She typed into the keyboard. "She's on the 2nd floor, room 312" She said

"Thank you" ,We said as we ran down the hall to the elevators. Paula pushed the 2nd floor button and we waited for the doors to open.

As we were walking we saw someone walk out the door of adri's room. He had his head down and he had dark shades covering his eyes.

"So I'm guessing you're the mystery guys that called and let us know adri was in a car accident, Thank you."

He looked up and replied " Yes that was me and your welcome, your friend is with the doctor right now, I was just leaving." He looked sad, but why? "Hey, why don't you come back tomorrow? I think they are going to keep her over night." I said trying to cheer him up.

A smile spread across his face. "Yeah, I will"


Harry's POV:

"Hey, why don't you come back tomorrow? I think they are going to keep her over night." she said. I think she was trying to cheer me up.

I smiled. "Yeah, I will."

I think they didn't recognize me, probably because I had my shades on.

"Well I have to get going now, bye girls." I said


Paula's POV:

I was wondering why he had those shades on while he was in the hospital. How come I noticed his voice till now. He's Harry Styles!!

"Well I have to get going now, bye girls." He said smiling.

"Bye harry" I said as he was walking away. He stopped, looked back and took his shades of and winked, then he put them back on and went into the elevator.

"Paula! how did you know that was harry?!?! Oh My Gosh!! that was harry!! we were talking to harry!!" Nevaeh was shouting with excitement. I nodded,

"I don't know how I didn't notice it before but I was thinking why was he have shades on in a hospital, and his voice sounded so familiar and well, those curl's!" I said as we walked to adris room.

" I wonder if she knows it was harry who brought her here." Nevaeh said.


Adriana's POV:

I woke up and remembered the car accident, and harry.... I can't get him out of my head. He saved me and brought me here. I couldn't stop smiling. I wish he was still here so I can thank him.

I was looking out the window when I heard the door open, It was Paula and Nevaeh.

"Hey, I'm so glad you are fine! How are you feeling?" Nevaeh said.

"Hey girls." I shrugged my shoulders, "My head hurts but i'm feeling better."

"Do you remember what happened?" Paula said.

I was thinking about what happened.

"All I remember is talking to nevaeh and then getting ready to start driving when all of a sudden this car came from behind and just hit me, after that I blacked out."

"But guess what, I was in the car on my way to Starbucks when I came to a red light and then I see this really cute guy, he smiled and waved at me so i waved back, the funny thing was that he was wearing really dark shades and a really HUGE mustache." I told them "I was wondering why he was wearing them, but he was waiting to cross the street, and that's when you called."

Paula and Nevaeh were just smiling and listening to me speak.

"Then I woke up here and I saw the same boy next to me, except he wasn't wearing the shades and fake mustache, it was harry style's!!" I cheered with excitement.

"We know! we saw him walking out you door but he was wearing his shades and we didn't recognize him until Paula said it was him when he was walking away." nevaeh said happily

I sighed, " I didn't really get to talk to him, I didn't even get to thank him because the doctor came in before I got to say anything." I said frowning.


Paula's POV:

Adri had a sad look on her face, she sighed and said while frowning, "I didn't really get to talk to him, I didn't get to thank him because the doctor came in before I got to say anything." I looked at nevaeh and she looked at me, it looked like we both were thinking the same idea. We weren't going to tell her harry was coming to see here tomorrow. It's going to be a surprise, she is going to be so happy.

You see we Absolutely love one direction and we are planing to go to one of there concerts and meet them. Adriana like's harry and well she's finally meeting him. How cute would it be if they went out.

**1 Hour later**

" I'm really tired girl's. I hope you don't mind me resting now?" Adri said then she yawned

"Oh no your fine we actually got to get going now, we'll come back first thing in the morning with new clothes for you." I said

"Bye girls"

" Bye adri, feel better" nevaeh and I said. We hugged and we left.


Harry's POV: (leaving the hospital)

I walked out the hospital and got a cab since I came in a ambulance.

"Where to sir?" said the cab driver.

(A/N: I've never been to California only when I was a little baby so I don't really know all the stuff/ places and all that but for this case i'm just going to make it up or look it up.)

"To the W Los Angeles Westwood, 930 Hilgard Avenue Los Angeles."

(A/N: I looked this up and it said they stayed there before so i thought i'd use that place)


I arrived and I paid the cab driver as I got off.

I walked out looking for fans or paparazzi, there wasn't any so I made my way to my room. I took my key out to open the door when louis shouted

"Hey boo bear!! I've missed you!" and ran to me and gave me a really big hug.

The boys were just laughing, "where's your caramel moca?" louis asked then he looked at my shirt.

"What is that? Why is there blood on your shirt?" I looked down at my shirt, I didn't even know that was there, it's probably adriana's blood, at least I think that's her name, I heard one of the girls say that was her name, I forgot to ask what their names were. ops

The guys ran over to inspect me and see if I was hurt. "I'm fine guys" I reassured them. "I'm going to tell you guys what happened. I was walking to Starbucks when I saw this really gorgeous girl.." I was interrupted by Liam

"What did you do harry?!?!" Liam said scared. while the other boys looked shocked.

"I didn't do anything, If you let me finish you will know what happened"

"Sorry, continue" Liam said

"She was in her car waiting for the light to turn red, so I smiled and waved at her. She didn't recognize me because I had these on." I took my shades and mustache out of my pocket. "She waved back at me and started giggling, she has such a cute smile."

"Hey! concentrate, oh and your mine" Louis said while sticking his tongue at me.

I chuckled. "Anyway, I turned around to cross the crosswalk when I heard a loud crash, I turned around to see what it was and it was her, someone crashed onto her car so I ran to see if she was OK, her head was bleeding and she was unconscious. I took her out and I guess some of her blood got on me when I took her out of her car, I called the last person she called which was 2 minutes before the accident, then I called the ambulance and I went with her to see if she was OK. That's where I was the whole time."

They were shocked of what i just told them.

"Is she ok now?" niall said breaking the silence "Ermm.. I think she should be, she has her head rapped up and a broken arm, I think they are going to do some tests to see if she has a concussion or something." I said "I didn't really get to talk to her much because the doctor gave me 5 minutes and she was sleeping when I got in there. I'm going back tomorrow to check on her." I said smiling.

"Ohhh!!! someone has a crush!!" Zayn and Louis said in a sing song voice

"I do not." Did I..?

"How did you do it?" Liam said

"Do what..?" I asked confused Liam gave me a are you serious look.

"How did you hold in your temptation of..." ____________________________________________________________________________

ohhh...!! what is liam talking about..??

what will happen next?

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