loved you first- a harry styles fan-fict (vampire)

Adriana Madrigal, an 18 year old girl who doesn't have any luck with the guys. But when she gets into a car accident will she find her true love...? what will happen. She will find out dark secrets.

Adriana's parents died in a car accident a year and a half ago but she still misses them and loves her parents with all her heart. Adriana is an only child. she has two cousins that live with her and their names are nevaeh and paula. They are the sisters she never had.

Adriana loves listening to one direction. Her cousin's and her made a plan to go to a 1D concert and hope to get lucky and met the guys. Adriana is a shy, loveing and caring person, if someone gets her mad she will defend herself. Adriana works at starbucks. Well she is on her way for an interview and she hopes she gets the job. She's mexican/puerto rican. She currently lives in California


15. Chapter 14

Adri's POV: 

"Adri... Truth or dare?" Louis said once we sat in our circle we were before

Dang it, if I pick dare he's going to make me do something crazy, and if I pick truth he's going to make me say something embarrassing. 


ok.... "Darree.." I  said sounding more like a question. 

"I dare you to kiss the first person that walks in this room" My eyes flew open 

Well no one is going to come though the door we are all her..- Dani isn't here,  Aw man I have to kiss her when she walks through the door.

I saw a shadow In the hallway coming to the living room, well here comes Dani, she is going to be surprised 

Just as they were going to walk in I saw brown curls.

Crap... I forgot about...Harry

I got up and walked to harry "What did I miss?" he said stopping because I walked in front of him

"I have to do my dare..." I said looking at him then to the floor 

"What is it?" He said

"I have to kiss the first person that walked in this room" i said playing with my fingers.

Harry looked confused for a second and then he realized he was that person

We stood there awkwardly until Louis broke the silence "Well are you guys going to just stand there or do the dare?" 

I took a deep breath, It's not that I wanted to kiss harry... Trust me I did, but not with everyone watching us. Also I want it to be real and not a dare

I walked closer to harry and he moved closer to me. I looked him in the eyes and I immediately forgot everyone else was in the room with us.

I tilted my head on way and he the other way, Harry grabbed my hips and pulled me closer closing the space we had between us and he smashed his lips onto mine.I started to kiss him then I was going to pull away but I didn't want to stop kissing him.

( A/N: I felt a little awk. writing this part cuz i had no clue on how to lol. Oh well I tried)

We were still kissing when we heard a cough, we broke apart. "I said a kiss not a make out session" Louis said chucking 

I started blushing like crazy I looked away from harry and Louis so they don't see me but harry saw and he hugged me making me blush even more 

"Alright, Do you guys want to keep playing or we could watch a movie or do something else?" Eleanor suggested. 

"We could watch a movie" Dani said

Eleanor led us to another room. She opened the door and it was like her own movie theater, there was a big screen and comfy chairs everywhere. "I'll go on my Netflix account" I said logging on to my account

"What to you guys want to watch?" I said scrolling through the movies

"Lets watch National Security" Zayn said 

 "I haven't seen it, but I heard it was a funny movie" Paula said 

We all sat on the comfy couches and ate snacks and watched the movie. The movie was really funny. We would all burst out laughing when the funny parts would come up.

***ONE HOUR LATER (10:30)*** 

when the movie was over I woke up hadn't noticed i fell asleep through the movie and I didn't notice harry came and sat by me, when I woke up i didn't realize i fell asleep on his chest. Harry's arms were around my waist and i looked up and I saw that he was sleeping as well. I got up carefully so he doesn't wake up, i looked around and everyone else was sleeping as well, well besides Eleanor she wasn't in the room. I walked out and the bathroom light was on i guess she was in there. "Eleanor, you in there?" I said knocking on the door

Eleanor's POV:  

half way in the movie I started getting hungry not the i need food kind of way... i mean i needed blood, i haven't had any since this morning when i went to pick up Adriana, Nevaeh and Paula. so I got up and every one was sleeping. I got up and went into my basement and i moved a rug i have covering up a trap door that leads down stairs to an underground floor i turned on the light at the bottom of the stairs and went into another room.

On a corner of a room behind some junk was a rectangular box covered with a black tarp.. its not just any kind of box, its a small refrigerator. and what was in it you might think... well my stash of blood. I grabbed 2 blood bags and locked it with the lock I had on it and covered it back up. I walked back upstairs and into the kitchen then to the bathroom so I can drink it.

"Eleanor, you in there?" I heard a familiar voice

I quickly drank the blood and opened up a floor board i have where i keep the empty blood bags so i can throw them out later "Yeah, ill be out in a minute" I said closing the board and moving the laundry basket on top of it.

I opened the door and greeted tired Adriana "Hey, you look tired" I said

"Yeah," she laughed "everyone fell asleep on the couch"

"Come on ill set up the beds and ill leave blankets out for the boys to sleep on the couch" I said 

We walked to the rooms and made the beds and then we walked back to the theater room to find Liam, Harry, Nevaeh and Dani awake. "Come on guys we made the beds so you guys can sleep in"  I said leading them to there beds and couch while Adri woke everyone else up. 

Us girls were in one room and the boys were in another room and on the couch. "Good night guys" I said as we got in bed 

"Good night" everyone else said making there ways to there rooms and bed.

***Next morning***

Paula's POV:

I got up at 6 in the morning because I remembered that I had to go to work, Eleanor was up and I told her I had to leave.

"You could use my shower and I'll tell my driver to take you to your job, what time do you get out so he can go pick you up" Eleanor said

"Thank you, ummm... hold on let me check my schedule," Eleanor nodded and I looked it up on  my phone. "I get out at 5" Aww man this is going to be a long day.

Twenty minutes later I was done talking a shower and Eleanor and everyone else was i the kitchen eating "Good morning" I said as i walked in 

Dani handed me a plate of pancakes and said "Good morning" as well as everyone else. When I finished eating i washed my dishes and told them I was leaving.

"I'm off to work, Bye" Everyone said bye and I walked out and got in the back of Eleanors car.

Neveah and Adri are still waiting to see If they got the job. 15 minutes later I arrived at Starbucks and I thanked the driver and he left as I walked in the building

I went in the back of the store and I told Mr.Oliver (my boss) I was here and he gave me the uniform and I went into the bathroom to put it on. One of Mr. Oliver's assistant is going to show me how to make the drinks and stuff before I start making them and then I'm going to work at the cash register.

"This is how you make this drink...." She started telling me the ingredient and showed me how to make it.

Adri's POV:  

Right when Paula left we all finished eating our breakfast. Harry came up to me, he his hair was all over the place since we just woke up. "So I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me.. like a date" Harry asked nervously 

I smiled, I have nothing else to do today. I'm still waiting on knowing if I got the job or not..."I would love to"

Harry smiled and his dimples started showing, I just love his dimples "Alright, So i was thinking we could go to an amusement park, its a couple of minutes away from here but i promise you'll have fun." Harry said smiling 

"Sounds good, lets go get ready" I said getting up from the couch we were sitting on. 

I went to the bathroom upstairs and harry went to the bathroom down stairs and we took a shower and got ready for our date.

I stepped out of the shower and put on my bathing suit first then, my shorts and my top. then after I put on my clothes I put on my sandals they were gold and you strap it on so they don't fall off, then i put my shades on top of my hair.  (A/N: Picture of outfit at the side--->>)

After I finished I put on light make up and I put on mousse in my hair and then I scrunched it up to make it curly/ wavy . I brushed my teeth and went down stairs where harry was already done.

By the time we were done everything it was 7 o'clock. Eleanor was going out with Louis and Dani was going out with Liam, that just left Zayn, Niall and Neveah. I wonder what they were going to do? I think they said they were going to go catch a movie.. I'm not sure. i'll ask Nevaeh later. We waited a while at the house because it doesn't open till 11 am so we stayed and hung out for a while.

***10:59 AM***

"Lets go" Harry said grabbing my hand "Were leaving" Harry shouted and then we walked out the door to harry's car.

 On the car ride to the park called Sixflags, we were getting to know each other more, laughing and talking about what rides we were going to go on.

Twenty minutes later we arrived at the park and we parked the car near the rides where there wasn't much cars. we go out and harry put on his shades and i did as well. We walked to the entrance and we got checked my security then we walked in and we bought tickets to get in. We walked in and there was a big nice fountain in the middle. We walked around and went on some rides that were close by. Then we ended up walking by some booths where you play games.

Oh I just wanna take you anywhere that you like
We can go out any day any night
Baby I'll take you there take you there
Baby I'll take you there, there

I started to sing along in my mind

Oh tell me tell me tell me how to turn your love on
You can get get anything that you want
Baby just shout it out shout it out
Baby just shout it out

And if you
You want me to
Lets make a move, yeah

We walked by where the music was playing and we started laughing, when we were by another booth we heard another song

Hey girl I'm waiting on ya, I'm waiting on ya
Come on and let me sneak you out
And have a celebration, a celebration
The music up, the windows down

Yeah, we'll be doing what we doing
Just pretending that we're cool, and we know it too
Yeah, we'll keep doing what we doing
Just pretending that we're cool, so tonight

Let's go crazy crazy crazy till we see the sun....

And another...

.....Baby you light up my world like nobody else
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
But when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell
You don't know
Oh Oh
You don't know you're beautiful

If only you saw what I can see
You'll understand why I want you so desperately
Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe
You don't know
Oh oh
You don't know you're beautiful
Oh oh
That what makes you beautiful....

"Wow you guys are everywhere" I said laughing just when I said that I saw a life size Harry and Liam posters "Hahah.. look" I said pointing to it. Harry started laughing 

Lets go on rolling thunder I said dragging harry along. "Noo, I don't like roller coasters"

"Neither do I, C'mon please" I put on my best puppy dog eyes 

Harry sighed "c'mon its not that bad i've been on it one time and its not that scary."

"Fine... but If I go on that one you have to go on...." He said looking around for a ride "umm... superman" 

"Deal" I said not thinking about it. I bet he tried picking a scary ride. I mean that is a scary ride I would never go on it I'm to scared of it, but i'll face my fears, just for harry.

We went in the line and there wasn't much people, we were next in line. The train/kart came and we were next. 

I'm so excited I love this ride. I went on this ride when my cousin from Florida came over for the summer 2 years ago. Harry let me go in first and then he sat next to me. we sat down and put our seat belts and then the workers came and put the bars down and checked the seats. I grabbed Harry's hand "If your scared, squeeze my hand" I reassured him hoping he wont be scared. 

*** (11:36 am)***

"How was the ride?" 

"It was awesome!" harry said throwing his hands in the air "Lets go to superman" 

"ok" I said holing onto harry's hand

As we were walking to superman we passed SkyScreamer "lets go on this ride before we go to superman" (A/N: If you don't know the place its sixflags its an amusement park that's really fun and the SkyScreamer is like the swings that spin but its 24 stories high and it goes 40 mph) 

Harry nodded and we stood in line. "We should of got the flash pass so we don't have to wait in line" Harry said shaking his head "I know" I said laughing along

It was our turn and we sat next to each other the ride lifted us up and it started spinning and I was holding on for my dear life, I saw harry looking around "Wow, you can see everything from here" i looked and it looked nice,you could see a lake that is like 50 miles away (ok i might be exaggerating a bit) but I was scared these chains were going to break .

The ride was over. It wasn't that scary now that I think about it. I want to go on it again.. haha.. maybe next time. 

It took like a 5 minute walk to get to superman and we got in line. 

The ride was a 4 seater but Harry and I went on alone we put the bar over and the workers came and strapped on the seats and stuff, they helped everyone else and then it was time to go, the steel floor went down and the seats moved forward making us face the floor like we were flying. 

( A/N: here is the link to superman ride : http://www.y ) 

We were on the first row so it would be more funner! The ride started and we started going up really high, we got to the top and then the ride went down really fast we went over a loop that made us lay on our backs we did like 2 twists, it was so fun the ride went by really fast it was so much fun. 

***12:20 pm***

"What do you want to eat?" harry asked "anything is fine" I said

"Do you like pizza?" he asked

"Yeah, I love pizza"

"Lets go then"

Harry ordered 2 slices of pizza on for me and one for him, and he got 2 medium sized sodas. We found a table in a shaded area and started eating.

We waited like 20 minutes before going on other rides. "lets go on the water rides, we havent gone on those yet" I suggested harry nodded and we went on log fume, congo rapids, dark night and other rides we didnt go on.

 ***7:50 pm*** 

We got out of houdini's ride, "that was cool how they made the illusions", "I know, it was pretty cool wasn't it." harry said "The park closes at 8 so we have time to do one more thing" he said as we walked by a booth and it cought my eye it was called Henna Tattoo's, so I went to go look at it. "Do you want one?" he said

"ohh.. yes..."

"which one do you like?" he said

"I dont know they are all nice.... umm you pick"

"hmm.." he looked through the design book  "this one" he pointed at it

"ohh.. yeah I like that one" 

"She will get this one" he said showing the man

"that will be $13" the man said. I feel bad that harry is paying for it. 

"aren't you getting one?" i said

"nahh.. it wouldn't look right on me." he said "plus I got plenty of tattoos for now" he said chuckling

The tattoo was really pretty it had an infinity sign with the word young and a heart (forever young) I put it on my left wrist 

(A/N: Pic on the side --->>)

The man finished and he told me to let it dry for 30 minutes and then it will come off its self. then he gave me a little card that tells you how to take care if it. "Thank you" i said to the man and we walked to the car because it was 8 and it was closing already.

"Thank you harry, I really like it" i said then gave him a side hug not wanting to get the henna on him or get it messes up. 

"your welcome love" he said hugging me back


By the time I got home it was 8:30 

Harry parked the car in my drive way and he got out and opened my door and helped me out

We walked to a bench we have by a tree and we sat down

"Its been a week since I first meet you and I really like you. I know im going fast but I was ermm.. wondering would like to be my girlfriend" harry said nervously 

I was taken aback of what he just asked me. My smile grew wider "I would love to be your girlfriend, I really like you to, I've liked you ever since I saw you when I had the accident." Harry smiled showing off his dimples and he hugged me and then kissed me. "Well it's getting a little late, so you should get going" harry smiled and we got up and he walked me to the door. we kissed good night and he walked back to his car and i waved as he left. I took out my keys and unlocked the door and came in, then I shut the door and leaned against it, i sighed and closed my eyes remembering the kiss. 


some of those things I wrote about the sixflags is what i did during the summer and the henna is what i got when i went with my cousin :)

Sorry It took forever to upload 

I hope you liked it and please 



add to your reading list/ library

Thanks for reading :) let me know if I should continue! :)

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