loved you first- a harry styles fan-fict (vampire)

Adriana Madrigal, an 18 year old girl who doesn't have any luck with the guys. But when she gets into a car accident will she find her true love...? what will happen. She will find out dark secrets.

Adriana's parents died in a car accident a year and a half ago but she still misses them and loves her parents with all her heart. Adriana is an only child. she has two cousins that live with her and their names are nevaeh and paula. They are the sisters she never had.

Adriana loves listening to one direction. Her cousin's and her made a plan to go to a 1D concert and hope to get lucky and met the guys. Adriana is a shy, loveing and caring person, if someone gets her mad she will defend herself. Adriana works at starbucks. Well she is on her way for an interview and she hopes she gets the job. She's mexican/puerto rican. She currently lives in California


11. Chapter 11 ***Preview***

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Adriana's POV:

I woke up to the sound of ringing, I grabbed my phone and turned off my alarm clock, it was seven o'clock,  I sat up and stretched, then I put on my slippers on and walked to my bathroom and took of my clothes and got in the shower, I turned it on to hot and stood there thinking about my dream I had last night, I have to talk to the girl about it.

I finished taking a shower and grabbed the towel on the rack and wrapped it around my body and I walked to my room and changed into a casual outfit, Nevaeh and I were going to Starbucks to get our job interview since we didn't get to do it last time since my accident. I still have a wrap around my right arm but it was getting better and the doctor said it wouldn't be a problem if i got a job as long as I don't lift anything heavy with that hand. Paula is coming with us as well to see if she got the job. 

 I made my way down the stairs and into the kitchen to find Paula and Nevaeh eating cereal 

"Good Morning Adri" Paula said as she grabbed a bowl, a spoon and the box of cereal and set it down for me.

Nevaeh smiles at me and shoved a spoonful of her cereal.

"Morning girls," I said "you ready for the interview" I said to nevaeh while pouring my cereal into the bowl then adding the milk.

Nevaeh swallows her cereal before speaking, " Yes, I hope we get the job" she says scoping up another spoonful of cereal.

I take a spoonful of cereal and I start eating it, I started thinking about my dream, why was I dreaming about them it's- "Adri, hello  did you hear me?" paula said getting me out of my thoughts

"Oh sorry, No what did you say?" I said still thinking about my dream

"I said If later on do you...," she said trailing off then sighing and looking at me knowing I wasn't paying attention to what she was saying "are you ok, you look like something's bothering you and your playing with your cereal" 

I take a deep breath before telling them what was bothering me. "I had this weird dream last night, my parents were in my dream and they were trying to tell me something" I said, Paula and Nevaeh looked at each other worried, they knew that when ever I dreamed of my parents its because they were trying to tell me something.

"What happened?" Nevaeh asked

(This is how her parents died and part of her dream)


I was in the car with my parents and we were on our way to our house, it was summer time and we were coming back from the beach, it was hot outside so I rolled down the windows because of the heat, I was sitting in the back of the car and we were talking about stuff and having fun and laughing when all of a sudden they were quiet and they looked at each other like they were talking to each other but in there minds, like they were going to say something.

"What's wrong, why did you guys get quite all of a sudden?" I asked.

"Hunny we have to tell you something important." my mom said in a calm,serious like voice. 

I gulped scared to find out what it could be, my dad was driving carefully watching the road then he spoke.

"We were waiting to tell you until you were old enough to know" they had a secret and they are about to tell me, "We were going to tell you when you turned 18 but I guess now is the time." (I was 17 at the time.) My heart started to race, I don't know what they are going to tell me but its starting to scare me and if they don't tell me soon I will start to freak out. 

"You see Adri," my dad said rubbing the back of his neck not knowing how to tell me what he has to say. "Dad just say it" I said worried, "we have a secret, only our family knows about it, when you turn 18 you will start to feel different and experience things..." he said trailing off "Dad just tell me, your scaring me what is it?" i said worried

My mom grabbed my dads hand and whispered 'We don't have much time.' she probably thought i didn't hear her but i did, What does she mean 'We don't have much time.'

I saw my moms eyes in the rear view mirror and she was looking back every now and then, I turned around and saw a black van coming towards us, It was going 50 mph in a 30 mph zone. I gulped hoping it would stop or that i was just seeing things because i was scared of what they were telling me. 

My dad saw that I looked scared and looked in the mirror and saw the van his eyes widened and he started talking again "Adri we are-" He didn't get to finish his sentence.

All I remember was seeing everything in slow motion, The black van was right behind us, there was two people in the front, I didn't get to see them clearly, they started driving faster and faster and then all of a sudden our car was spinning across the road and we landed upside down by a lamppost. I heard the black van zoom by with the tires screeching and leaving dust behind. This is probably what my mom was talking about 'We don't have much time'   I think she knew this was going to happen, that's why they were trying to tell me, now I will never know what that Important secret was. My vision started getting blurry and black dots started forming in front of my eyes, before I blacked out i saw my parents holding hands knocked out with blood everywhere.

About 10 minutes or so I woke up, wishing all this was a dream and I was safe at home with my parents, I opened my eyes and i was still in the car my head and body started hurting, I looked around for an escape my window was down from when i opened it earlier but all the other windows were broken i took my seatbelt off and i fell to the roof of the car since i was upsidedown, i looked at my parents holding back tears and i made my way to them they were barely breathing i tried opening the door but it woulnt open i dragged my parents out of the car and layed them down on the grass a few feet away from the car incase it would blow up.

I shook my parents waking them up they woke up and i started crying, I hugged them and i heard an ambulance in the distance, i looked around and there were a few cars stopped and people coming to my side for help, someone must of called them. I hugged my parents and they started to speak

"Adri we love you so much *cough* you are the best daughter we've ever had..." I couln't hear what they were saying because i was crying really loud, They were saying there goodbyes already. 

"We love you Adri, please take care of yourself you will get through this, you will get a letter and in it will explain everything we were trying to tell you." my dad said 

"I love you guys so much" I said crying "please dont leave me, I can't live wit out you guys" 

"take care adri, be strong" my mom said and she grabbed my hand kissed it "I love you" she said then she turned to my dad and said 'I love you' and kissed him and then she shut her eyes and breathed her last breath, "mom please! stay with me!!" I cried "I love you so much" I kissed her and turned to my dad I hugged him and he kissed my forehead then said "I love you adri, forever  and always, take care" he grabbed my hand and kissed it, he closed his eyes and his hand dropped to the ground. I started crying and yelling for them to wake up, I wished that this was just a nightmare and that I would wake up and run up to my parents and hug them and tell them i love them, the ambulance came and the paramedics fot two stretchers and put my parents on it and put them in the ambulance, another paramedic came up to me and told me i have to go with them so i could get checked but i didn't want to leave my parents side, another paramedic came with a needle and stuck it in my arm, she said i will be fine it will make me fall asleep and that they will take me to the hospital, i started to feel tired and they laid me down on a stretcher, my eyes started getting droopy and i fell asleep. 




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