she's not afraid

three sisters who just moved from Californa to england their they meet a nice girl named Elejah the girl of Harry Styles all three of us fall in love with three totally different guys named Zayn Malik ,Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horran,and Liam Pyane.


2. the Date<3

Lesly's P.O.V

when we all left i drove over to Zayn's flat he wore black converse black skinny jeans and a black button up shirt

so we went to a fancy restaurant and i ate a chicken salad and Zayn had pasta.

after dinner he had something special planned he took me to my car and i let him drive and he put a blind fold on me

i asked him''were are we going?'' he said''were almost there!''

when we got there he picked me off the ground and took off my high heels

then he laid me on a blanket he took off the blind fold 

i sat up and we were at the beach i told him it was beautiful 

he said ''i new you'ed like it'' so we walked along the shoreline 

he got me an ice cream then we left to his flat he asked me if i wanted to be his girlfriend and i stayed quite 

and i walked a way he said ''are you okay'' i said ''yeah''

he said''are you sure?'' i said ''no'' he said ''why?''

''cause i don't want to get hurt again'' i said ,he said''how did you get hurt?''

i said''my ex-boyfriend used me just for my bodie'' he said ''i will never use you or hurt you''

so i finally excepted he gave me his special black and gold bracelet i put it on and gave him a kiss and left

Nadja's P.O.V

when Lesly got home me and Kersten told her all about our dates Lesly told us Zayn asked her to be her girlfriend 

we got quiet we told her if she told him about her ex she said ''yeah'' she told us that he promised to never hurt her 

Kersten  said her and Niall are a thing i told them me and Louis are together too!

Lesly's P.O.V

he texted me:

Zayn:hey do you want to go to the mall?

me:yeah sure

Zayn:O.K babe

me:see ya there love you!

Zayn:love you to!

me :bye-bye



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