she's not afraid

three sisters who just moved from Californa to england their they meet a nice girl named Elejah the girl of Harry Styles all three of us fall in love with three totally different guys named Zayn Malik ,Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horran,and Liam Pyane.


1. first day<3

Lesly's P.O.V

Nadja and kersten said'' hurry were gonna be late for school''

I said ''okay let me put on my shoes''

I had a turquoise shirt with black skinny jeans and black high heels

when we finally got to school we got guided by a nice girl named Elejah 

Elejah took us to lunch she asked us if we wanted to sit with her and her boyfriend at lunch 

my sisters and me said'' sure ''

she took us to buy our food and then she took us to sit down with her and her boyfriend 

she introduced us to Harry Styles 

Harry introduced us to his best friends

Liam ,Louis,Niall,and Zayn.

Zayn's P.O.V

has i said hi to lesly i can see she was a nervous girl 

''can you come take me to 5 period?'' she said to me 

i said ''sure''

so i left her in class  she asked me''do you want to come to my flat after school?''

i said ''sure''

the girls and the guys came over  to Lesly's flat me and her went up stairs 
me and her were talking  then i said''do you want to go to dinner with me?''

she said''sure''

Kersten's P.O.V

the boys left Lesly's flat at 6:00pm  i asked her what Zayn and her were doing

she said''we were talking and he asked me to dinner with him tomorrow night!''

i told her''lets go shopping for your dress!''

we went to go tell Nadja but she kept talking to louis on the phone we new they were a thing

so 20 mins later Nadja told us she needed to go shopping with us for a new dress cause louis asked her to dinner

so we went and all brought new dresses i told them that i had a date with Niall tomorrow to

my dress was purple with black polkadots my high heels were purple 

Lesly's was strapless and the color turquoise her high heels were turquoise

Nadja's was black with white polkadots and her high heels were black

we all got ready for our dates i had my hair up

i wore red lipstick ,pink blush, purple and black nail polish,and purple eye shadow

Lesly had her hair curled she wore pink lipstick,pink blush,turquoise nail polish,and turquoise eyeshadow

Nadja had her hair straighten she wore red lipgloss, red blush,white nail polish,and black eyeshadow 

then we all left to our rooms to change 

then we got in our cars and left

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