Helping Haiti

This story will be in memory of all those who died in Haiti on January 12, 2010. I also uploaded this onto my wattpad account, janayawrites, so I am NOT copying anyone's work. It's purely my own.


3. Waiting

December 27th.... at the airport

Twenty youth. That's how much it added up to in the end. Twenty youth wanting to make a difference in the world around them.

"Okay, gang! We have to stay in this lounge, so please don't go wandering off," Mike pleaded as he led the group towards the right lounge to wait. Savannah didn't listen to what else Mike was saying as she eagerly found an empty, red chair which face the TV which listed all the departures and arrivals. It was interesting to her.

"You excited?" Tory, a guy who she had liked for the past few months, came and took the seat beside her.

"Oh yeah!" She rumaged in her carry-on and took out a bottle of gravol so she hopefully wouldn't get airsick. "You?"

"Duh!" Tory nervously laughed and shifted his position.

"Tory, flying isn't that bad," Savannah assured the boy before slipping the gravol into her mouth and washed it down with water with the last bit of her apple juice.

"Its just that..." nervously Tory looked around at the other youth who were easily relaxed and talking among eachother. "I've never flown before."

"You can sit by me if you want," she offered as she put the bottle of gravol back in her luggage, but kept the juice box out, since it wasn't allowed on the plane.

"Thanks." Tory looked relieved that someone had offered to help him through the ordeal.

"It'll be fine. Once the plane is up in the air, just close your eyes and go to sleep... or you can spend the whole time watching free movies and drinking pop."

Nervously, Tory managed to give a bit of a laugh.

"Then, before you know it we'll be in Haiti, ready to start an adventure of a lifetime."

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