Helping Haiti

This story will be in memory of all those who died in Haiti on January 12, 2010. I also uploaded this onto my wattpad account, janayawrites, so I am NOT copying anyone's work. It's purely my own.


2. Permission Slip

“I can’t believe it!” Savannah waved her permission slip in the air so everyone could see she had permission. She had permission to spend two months in Haiti and help out the locals. The purple paper recklessly flew through the hot, July air, spreading a bit of cool air to the stuffy room.

“Good to see you have the permission slip signed, Sav,” Mike, the youth group leader, smiled with satisfaction. “Does anyone else have a permission slip signed?” Three other hands excitedly whisked up. They were the hands of Phil and Ashley Bennets, who were twins. “Can you pass them forward please? Remember if anyone else is interested in coming, you will have to get it signed ASAP so we can book the tickets, okay?” The three pages were carefully passed to the front; Mike briefed them, nodded with satisfaction and put them by his feet. “Any questions?”

Tiffany’s hand popped up, and Savannah rolled her eyes. Tiffany was just a stuffy rich kid who didn’t care about anything. “How will you guys get the money? I’m sure my parents can donate some if you wish.” She batted her eyes innocently.

“Err…” Mike cleared his throat, obviously not impressed by Tiffany’s poor attempt of charity. “Thank you, but that will be fine.” He gave a fake smile and a firm nod.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, we’re sure.” Mike didn’t make eye contact with the eighteen-year-old rich girl but instead looked over the group of attentive youth. “Any other questions?” He waited twenty seconds. “Okay then, let’s close and then we can hang out till it’s time to leave.” The group bowed their heads and prayed.

Savannah shifted her position and lightly closed her eyes, holding onto every word Mike prayed, and then when he said ‘amen’, she waited and started to get off of the carpet. Mumbling of youth started to devlop.

“So you really convinced your parents to go to Haiti?” Natasha, Savannah’s friend, asked coming up beside her.

“Yeah, it’s for a good cause. Personally I can’t wait!” She did a little excited jump. “December 27th just won’t be able to come fast enough!”  

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