Invisible Thoughts ~Zayn Malik love story <3~

"I never thought I would get to this point. I know a lot of girls feel the same way, they're all obsessed with him, but it felt different. I felt a sparkle when I was around him, it was innocent and I never saw it coming."

Jamie was 5 when she first met him. They played at each others house all the time, but then a tragic accident let to one thing and another and she left. She never thought she would see him again until one day. Read and discover the past Jamie's been trying to bury and the truth she's been missing

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2. Nightmares

As I stepped into the car I must have been as red as  a cherry because Ryan looked at me like I was crazy. "What?" I said to him as I noticed his stare. "Nothing" He turned away and pulled out of the parking lot. When I got home I took a shower and got ready for bed. While laying down I thought what Zayn had said. He was so persistent, it wasn't like he wanted to know me from somewhere else, he needed to. I let the thoughts seep through as I fell to sleep.

FLASHBACK: There were flashes, it was like one those old movie projectors. Except there was no countdown the scene just appeared. I could see my mom crying and my dad was rubbing her shoulder telling her everything was going to be okay. A police men walked in and said something about nothing was saved. I wanted to ask what wasn't saved but as I opened my mouth nothing came out. My mom turned to me and as she opened her mouth flames poured out and she burned. Then it looked as if paper was burning. Darkness, that's what all was left.

I woke up to my mom shaking me, she was standing in front of me. "Jamie!! God, Are you ok?!" I could feel myself shaking and I was sweating. "Yeah I'm fine, Just a nightmare." I sat up trying to catch my breath. "You sure your okay, want to talk about it?" She  sat on the bed, "I'm fine, you were crying and then a police men said something about nothing be saved, and you burnt to flames." My heart started beating faster again as I thought about my dream. " What a strange dream," My mom stood up, but her mind seemed to be somewhere else. "Night Honey" She walked out. "Night" That was strange. Something wasn't right, I'm going to find out more tomorrow.

When I woke up I found a small note on the dining room table from my dad saying they had left to go grocery shopping. (I'm an only child). I decided to go for a run. When I was running I  thought about Zayn, My dream, and the past. I had never had a dream like that before until Zayn talked to me. I tried to remember my past from the time until I was 10, but I couldn't remember anything. Not the school I went to, none of my friends, the only thing I could I remember were my parents. This bothered me, everyone I knew could remember things from when they were 5 and I couldn't even remember things from when I was 10! I turned into my driveway and went inside and took a shower. As hard as I tried I  couldn't remember anything, although there was one thing. I can remember this couple standing over me, they looked so sweet and kind off in the corner I could see my parents they were smiling. I figured the other couple was my aunt and uncle(Jessica Vita and Mason Vita). My parents don't talk about them much they just said they live far away. After I got out of the shower I went up in the attic to go see if I could find any old pictures.

I searched through everything they were all pictures from when I was 10 and older. I closed up the last box and started walking back to the ladder. I don't know what happened but I tripped over something and hit the ground hard knocking over a box. I quickly picked up the contents that fell out, as I reached for one that fell under a board I felt my glide over bump. I laid on the ground and looked underneath the area where I felt the bump. It was a hinge, it looked like it was attached to the floor board so I followed the board until I found a small hole that looked like the size of a penny. I pulled the board up and found a box hidden underneath. I picked the box and brought back downstairs so I could look at in better lighting. I would have never guessed what I found in the box.

There were sonograms, baby pictures (which were of me), but none of the pictures had my parents in them. They all were of me and my aunt and uncle. The even stranger thing was the picture of my aunt, she was in a hospital bed wearing one the night gowns and she was holding me. I was so tiny and wrinkly. Why? Shouldn't it be my mom holding me and in that bed. I flipped the picture over and in blue ink it said,

Jessica Vita holding her baby girl, Jamie Rose Vita.

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