Lost Love.

When 15 Year Old Isabella Marie. Or Bella Marie. Is Pregnant With A Baby. Its All Okay. Until All The Boys Leave For X-Factor.. She Doesn't Want To Tell Anyone About The Baby Because She Doesn't Know If Its Harry's Or Zayn's. So She Only Tells Her Best-friend. Liam. But Along The Way Liam Falls For Bella And Treats Her Baby Like His Own. Will She Forget About Zayn&Harry And Try It Out With Liam ? Or Will She Find Out Who The Baby's Father Is And Stay With Him ?


7. Uhh Ohh

"Please Just Get Out Of My House" I Asked Quietly. "Really Liam? After All That Has Been Going On This Is How Your Going To Treat Us? You Know How Much I Love Her Liam!" He Asked And Yelled At Liam. He Stood Up And Got In Liam's Face. "She's Mine Harry. What Cant You See. She Hates You!" Liam Said Not Back Down. Then Harry Pushed Him And Liam Swung At Harry. "LIAM!" I Yelled. Zayn And I Tried Pulling Liam Off Of Harry. Liam Was Hitting Harry As Harry Just Covered His Face With His Arms. When Zayn Pulled Liam Off I Toppled To The Floor With Liam. Liam Rolled Before Her Landed On My Stomach. Smart Move Li. Instead He Hit The Floor Right Along With Me. I Crawled Over To Liam And Wrapped Me Arm's Around Him. "You Leave Liam Alone!" I Yelled. "C'mon Harry. Lets Go." Zayn Said While Pulling Him Outside. I Slammed And Locked The Door. I Started To Laugh. Liam Smiled. "Whats So Funny Bella?" He Asked. "Its Just Funny How Harry Tried Acting All Hard And Them Got His Ass Whopped By You!" I Laughed. He Chuckled And Pulled Me Into A Hug. His Phone Rang. "Hello?..... Hey Paul....... Do I Have To Go?...... Can I Bring Bella?....... Okay See You Soon........ Bye Paul." He Said Then Hung Up. "I Have Rehearsal's In About An Hour. You Up For It?" He Asked Smiling. "Yeah. Ill Go. Only For You And Niall Though" I Smiled. I Went Into My Room To Change Clothes. I Put On My Black Skinny Jean's, And One Of Liam's Black Shirts. It Was Summer Outside So I Didn't Even Bother Wearing A Hoodie. I Dont Even Care If They Find Out I'm Pregnant. I Dont Care Anymore. Liam Grabed My Hand As A Put On A Black Beanie And My White Converse. We Got Into The Car And He Drove Us To His Rehearsal's. We Arrived At A Theater Thingy. "Where Are We?" I Asked. "The Theater. We Needed A Stage. Were Rehearsing For When We Go Live In About 4 Months." He Said. "So About When I Go Into Labor?" I Asked Quietly And Quite Scared. He Grabed My Hand And Started Walking Inside. Of Course I Follow. "Yeah. But Dont Worry. Me And Niall Have Something Special Planned Just In Case We Cant Make It Babe." He Said As He Walked In Sight Of The Boys. They All Stared At Us. "BELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Niall Screamed As Soon As He Layed Eyes On Me. I Chuckled As The Cute Irish Boy Ran And Jumped Off Stage, Fell, Got Back Up And Ran Up To Me Slowing Down As Soon As He Reached Me To Give Me A Gentle Hug. "He Nialler!" I Said Happy. "You Hear To See Us Rehearse?" He Asked With A Smile Plastered On His Face. "Yes I Am. So Go Up There And Kill It Boys." I Said As Niall Chuckled And Ran To The Stage. I Looked Up At Liam As He Wrapped His Arm's Around Me. "Promise Me You Will Do The Best You Can Without Getting Distracted?" I Asked Him Quietly Laughing Because He Does Get Distracted Easy. I Looked Up And He Looked Down He Went To Kiss Me Before Of Course Harry Had To Ruin It. "C'mon Liam We Dont Have All Day!" He Said Into The Mic. I Quickly Kissed Him Anyways To Get Them Mad. Niall Snickered As Liam Walked Up To The Stage. I Sat In The Front Row And Played On My Phone. I Got A Call From My Brother Jake. I Walked Outside To Answer It. "Hello? Hey Jake." "Hey Sis. I Heard Your Pregnant! Which Idiot Knocked You Up?!" "Harry Or Zayn. I Was Drunk when Me And Zayn Did So I Dont Know" "So Who's Going To Help You Raise The Baby? You Know Mom Wont Allow It Bella. She Wont Help" "I Know Bro. Liam And Niall Are Helping Me. Liam Moved In Because Mom Kicked Me Out. But Hey Its Whatever..  I Got To Go. I Love You Jake!" "I Love You To Bell's" Then He Hung Up As I Walked Back Inside. They Were Singing Same Mistakes. Louis Waved At Me And Gave Me A Cute Smile. I Chuckled And Waved Back As I Sat Down. Harry And Zayn Kept Staring At Me.. Ugh This Rehearsal Was Going To Be Long.. 

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