Lost Love.

When 15 Year Old Isabella Marie. Or Bella Marie. Is Pregnant With A Baby. Its All Okay. Until All The Boys Leave For X-Factor.. She Doesn't Want To Tell Anyone About The Baby Because She Doesn't Know If Its Harry's Or Zayn's. So She Only Tells Her Best-friend. Liam. But Along The Way Liam Falls For Bella And Treats Her Baby Like His Own. Will She Forget About Zayn&Harry And Try It Out With Liam ? Or Will She Find Out Who The Baby's Father Is And Stay With Him ?


16. Liam's Coming Home!

"Oh.. Oh My God. I Have To Go. Bye Perrie. Bye Baby Ava. Bye Babe. I Love You All."He Said And Hung Up. 

~3Year's Later~ 

I Haven't Seen Liam In Three Year's.. Management Whouldnt Allow Them To Return Till Today.. I Cant Wait! I Talk About Liam 24/7. I Tell Avalanna How Amazing Liam Will Be. But I Call Him Her Father. So Now She's Always Telling Me "When Is Daddy Coming Home?" So I'm Very Excited For Him To See Her. I Haven't Skyped Him. Only Calling. My Laptop Broke And Ive Been Busy So He Hasn't Seen Her Since She Was 1 Years Old.. Two Years Ago. She Talk's And Walk's Now. She Cant Talk Perfect But She Does Talk. Jake Had Left To Be With My Mother Who Has Left. So Perrie Moved In But Is Waiting For Zayn To Return So She Can Move Back In With Her Boyfriend. I'm Happy They Have Been Together So Long. They Dont Skype Anymore Either Because She Thinks It Fair For Her Not To Be Able To See Zayn If I Cant See Liam. Even Though She Used My Laptop To Skype The Boys. "Hey Ava. Go Get Something To Wear So Mommy Can Dress You And We Can Go Pick Up Liam!" I Told Her. "Yay! Daddy's Coming Home!" She Yelled As She Ran To Her Room. Me And Perrie Laughed. So Is So Amazing<3. My Phone Rang. It Was Liam! I Answered. "Hello?" I Said. "Hey Babe! Were Gunna Land In 20! I Hope My Two Girl's Are Ready To See Me!" He Said Happily. "We Are! Avalanna! Come Talk To Daddy!" I Yelled. She Ran In And Grabbed My Phone. I Put It On Speaker. "Daddy!?" She Said Very Happy. "Hi Baby! Daddy's Coming Home!" He Said. "Yay! Mommy! Daddy's Coming Home!" She Yelled As She Gave Me Her Clothes. I Set The Phone On The Bed. "She's Happy Your Coming Home Babe." I Told Him As I Started Getting Her Dressed. "I Haven't Seen Her Since Her First Birthday. I'm Very Excited To See Her Babe! He Said Happily "Well We Will Be At The Airport Waiting For You Boy's To Return!" I Said Happily. "Zayn's Excited To See You,Ava , And Perrie!" He Said Chuckling. "So Is Lou, And Niall!" He Laughed Now. "Perrie Cant Wait To Just Leave Me For Zayn." I Laughed As I Said It. "YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU!" She Yelled From The Living Room. I Laughed As I Put On Her Sandal's And Dress And Brushed Her Hair. It Was Dark Brown And Beautiful. Just Like Everything About Her. "Well Were Gunna Go Wait At The Airport. See Yah Soon Babe!" I Said And Hung Up. "C'mon Perrie! Tome To Go Pick Up The Boys!" I Said As She Ran Up Us And Grabed Avalanna's Other Hand. "You Ready To See Your Uncle's Ava?" Perrie Asked. "Yeah! My Uncle's!" She Said Smiling Really Big. We Arrived To The Airport As We Seen The Boys Walking Out The Door. I Got Out And Opened Up Avalanna's Door And Perrie And Ava Jumped Out. The Boys Spotted Us. "Daddy?!" Ava Yelled. "Ava!" He Yelled As Avalanna Ran Up To Him And Jumped In His Arm's. "Hi Daddy." She Said As He Hugged Her. "Hey Baby!" He Said As He Started Crying. I Smiled As Everyone Got Hugs From Me And Perrie. "Wow. i Cant Believe That's Her." Niall Said Hugging Me. "Well Believe It" I Said Sobbing. "Go By Your Uncle's Zayn, Louis, And Niall!" She Looked At Them As They Cried. She Walked To Them. "Stop Crying Uncle!" She Said. Liam Looked At Me. He Had Tear's In His Eye's. I Ran Up To Him And Jumped In His Arm's He Grabed Me And Hugged Me Tight. "I Missed You Babe!: He Said Kissing Me. "I Missed You To" I Said In Between Kisses. Harry Know's He's The Father But Hasn't Done Anything For Her. Liam Is More Of A Father. She Doesn't Like Harry. But She Loves Liam. In My Eye's. He Is Her Father. She Doesn't Know Harry's Her Dad. But It Would Kill Her If I Told Her So I Dont. He Set Me Down. "Dame. Your Skinny!" He Said. I Lifted Up My Shirt But Not Past My Boob's. "I Only Weight 110 And No Stretch Mark's!" I Said As He Pulled My Shirt Down. "Thats Awesome!" He Said Hugging Me Tight. Avalanna Pulled On My Shirt. "Mommy! Uncle Zayn Wants To Take Me To The Park! Can I Go?!" She Asked In The Cute Little Voice Of Her's While Pulling Zayn Along. "Yeah Can We? I Want To Give You And Liam Some Alone Time" He Said And Winked. "You Guys Better Be Careful With Her! And She Has To Be Home By 3:30! She Hasn't Had Lunch Yet!" I Said In A Stern Voice. "Its Okay! Lou, Perrie, And Niall Are Going! Harry's Going To The Flat To Rest." He Said. "Alright! Be Careful! Bye Hunny. Bye Guys!" I Said As Ava Pulled Him Along. "Bye Mommy! Bye Daddy!" She Yelled As Zayn Picked Her Up And They All Left. I Got Into The Car As Did Liam And We Drove To My Flat. We Walked Inside And Liam Pushed Me Up Against The Wall. This Is A Moment Ive Been Waiting For Forever. He Started Roughly Kissing Me. "I Love You Babe. And If You Dont Want To Do This Ill Stop" He Said I Kissed Him Again. "I'm Ready Because I Know You Wont Hurt Me." I Said And Kissed Him Again.

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