Lost Love.

When 15 Year Old Isabella Marie. Or Bella Marie. Is Pregnant With A Baby. Its All Okay. Until All The Boys Leave For X-Factor.. She Doesn't Want To Tell Anyone About The Baby Because She Doesn't Know If Its Harry's Or Zayn's. So She Only Tells Her Best-friend. Liam. But Along The Way Liam Falls For Bella And Treats Her Baby Like His Own. Will She Forget About Zayn&Harry And Try It Out With Liam ? Or Will She Find Out Who The Baby's Father Is And Stay With Him ?


21. Lets Do This

~Liam's Pov~

So First I Call My Mom. I Rings A Couple Times Until She Answer's. "Hello Son!" She Yell's Clearly Happy I'm Calling Again. "Hey Mom! I Have A Big Question?" I Ask Her Very Nicely. "Yes Sweetie?" She Reply's. "Can You Watch Me And My Girlfriend's Daughter For The Rest Of The Day?" I Ask Kinda Quiet. Bella Nudge's My Shoulder. I Nod My Head And Put My Finger Up. She Just Carry's On Talking To Zayn. "Of Course Son! Just Drop Her Off! Gotta Go. Bye I Love You!" And With That She Hangs Up. "Let's Stop By My Mom's House." I Tell Bella And Zayn. "Gramma's?" Avalanna Ask's. "Yes Baby You Will Get To Meet Grammy Today!" I Say Smiling. We All Walk Over There As I Grab Ava And Walk Inside. Bella And Zayn Follow Me. As Soon As My Mom See's Her She Start's Crying. "Hello Ms.Payne. Nice To See You Again." Zayn Say's. She Smile's And Hugs Him. "Hello Bella. Nice To Meet You." She Say's To Bella Hugging Her. "Alright Guys. Avalanna Will Be In Good Hands. Bye! See You Soon." My Mom Said And Shoved Us Out The Door As We Laughed. Next Step. Call The Boys. I Dial Harry Knowing They Are Together. Time To Get This Show On The Road

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