Lost Love.

When 15 Year Old Isabella Marie. Or Bella Marie. Is Pregnant With A Baby. Its All Okay. Until All The Boys Leave For X-Factor.. She Doesn't Want To Tell Anyone About The Baby Because She Doesn't Know If Its Harry's Or Zayn's. So She Only Tells Her Best-friend. Liam. But Along The Way Liam Falls For Bella And Treats Her Baby Like His Own. Will She Forget About Zayn&Harry And Try It Out With Liam ? Or Will She Find Out Who The Baby's Father Is And Stay With Him ?


19. "Keep My Baby Safe"

~Zayn's POV~

I Went To Walk Over To See Avalanna. Maybe I Could Take Her To A Park Or Something. I Also Had To Talk To Bella About What Happened Between Us At The Park When I Tackled Her. I Shoved My Hands In My Jean Pockets As I Walked Down The Street. I Pulled Out My Phone To Call Her And Let Her Know I Was On My Way. It Rang And Rang And Rang.. Then Right To Voice mail  Hm. Its Not Like Her To Not Answer.. Maybe She's Asleep. Liam Has To Be Up. He Doesn't Sleep In Anymore Ever Since We Had To Start Getting Up Early Everyday. So I Call Him. Again. No Answer? Now I Know There's Something Up! I Shove My Hands In My Jean Pocket's And Start To Walk A Little Faster. I Made It To There Street And Kinda Ran Up To There House. I Walked To The Stair's. The Door Was Open? What Happen's If Avalanna Just Ran Out And Got Hit By A Car Or Something  But What I See Next Was Worse. Bella Had Her Wrist's Tied And Ankle's And Tape Over Her Mouth While She Was Laying On The Kitchen Table. There Was Blood Dripping Down Her Forehead And All She Had On Was One Of Liam's Over Sized Button Up Shirt's. The One He Wore Yesterday. She's So Small It Fits Like A Dress. But She Had No Pants On. Just Undies's. I Ran Over To Her To Figure Out What Was Wrong. I Shook Her Lightly. She Felt Heavy Which Isn't Normal Of Her. Not Even When She's Asleep. I Whispered To Her. "Bella? Wake Up Sweet Heart. Please. He Eye's Fluttered Open As She Stared At Me. "There We Go. What Happened?" I Asked As I Toke Off The Tape On Her Mouth. "W-Where's My Baby?" She Asked. "I Dont Know. Where Was She Last?" I Asked. "Her Room. Locked In. Please See If My Child's Okay." "Okay Bella" I Said As I Ran Into The Living Room But Stopped When I Seen Liam Tied To A Chair With His Head Hanging Low. "Where's The Kid Liam?" The Man Asked In A Dark Voice. "I-I Dont Know." He Said. The Man Lite A Cigarette  "Listen Up Liam. I'm Tired Of You Being Stubborn Either You Tell Me Where The Kid Is Or Else Ill Burn You Till It Goes Straight Threw You Skin" "Why Do You Want My Kid So Much?" Liam Responded. "Isabella Doesn't Deserve Her. Harry Deserve's To Have His Baby." "It's Mine. I Wont Let You Take My Baby!" *SMACK* The Man Slapped Liam. He Toke A Hit Off His Cigarette. Hm. I Decided To Light One To. And Show Myself To Get His Mind Of Avalanna Because If He Touches Her He's Dead. I Rumadged There My Pockets. Where Is It? Cigarette's, Lighter, I Phone  Wallet? C'mon I Carry It With me Everywhere! I Go Threw My Back Pocket's And There It Is. My Big Pocket Knife. Its Really Sharp. I Put It In My Front Pocket And Everything Else Went Into My Pocket's Right Along With The Knife. I Toke A Hit Off My Cigarette And Walked Into Sight Making It Seem Like I Just Arrived. "Hey Liam. Uh Wrong Time?" I Asked Looking At Him. "Who Are You?!" The Man Asked. "Zayn." "Middle Or Last Name?" "Javaad Malik." I Replied To His Question  "What's His Name?" "Liam." "No Last Name Malik" "Payne." I Replied. I Know What I'm Doing Here. "Um Liam. I Was Suppose To Pick Up Avalanna Today? Where Is She?" I Asked Him. "Zayn I Dont Know." He Told Me Looking At Me With Eye's That Told. 'Keep My Baby Safe'. I Nodded. "Anyways Mister What Ever The Fuck Your Name Is" I Said Taking A Hit Off My Cig. "What Do You Want With My Niece?" I Said As I Blew The Smoke Out. He Did The Same. "Well I Was Telling Pretty boy Here That I Was Going To Give Her To Harr-" I Cut Him Off. "Harry Doesn't Want Her" "Let Me Finish. But Since Harry Didn't Want Her I Was Going To Take Her For My Self. I Dont Know Kidnapp  Keep Her Till I Get All I Want." He Replied. "Your Not Touching Her" I Said Threw My Teeth. "You Know Where She's At Dont You!?" He Yelled. "Of Course. That Is My Niece." I Said Smirking. He Walked Over To The Bathroom Door And Opened It. "Not It, Eh?"  Next He Opened Up Bella's Bedroom Door. "Nope." Then He Got To A Door That Was Locked. "Found It!" He Sang. Liam Shot His Head Up. He Looked At Me With Worried Eye's. I Jumped On His Back And Started Hitting Him. "STAY AWAY FROM MY NIECE!" I Yelled Hitting Him. He Flipped Me Over And Knocked On The Door. More Like Pounded. I Pulled Out The Knife And Stabbed Him Right In The Chest. He Toppled To The Floor. I Knocked On Avalanna's Door. "Sweetheart?! Open Up!" I Yelled. "U-Uncle Z-Zayn?" She Stuttered. "Yes Sweetie. Hurry Up! Open The Door!" *CLICK* The Door Flew Open And She Ran Into My Arm's. I Picked Her Up As She Buried Her Head In My Neck. "Sweetie. I Need You To Sit On The Couch While I Help Daddy And Mommy" She Nodded. "Where's Bella?" Liam Asked As I Untied Him. "Ill Go Stay With Ava. She Will Need One Of You To Calm Her Down" I Said As He Ran Over To Her. I Ran To The Hopefully Dead Body And Checked A Pulse. Yep. Dead. I Pulled The Body Out To A Trash Can And Put In Front Of A Different House. Smart. Then Ran Inside To Bella And Cut The Rope Off Her Leg's. "Did You Keep Her Safe?" She Asked In A Voice Not Even Similar To Her Own. "Yes Bell's. I Kept Her Safe. She's With Liam. There Okay." I Said As I Cut It Off Her Wrist's Next. She Reached Her Arm's Out And Hugged Me. She's So Weak And Pale. Then She Fell Back On The Table. She Passed Out. I Checked The Pulse. Still Breathing. I Called An Ambulance

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