Lost Love.

When 15 Year Old Isabella Marie. Or Bella Marie. Is Pregnant With A Baby. Its All Okay. Until All The Boys Leave For X-Factor.. She Doesn't Want To Tell Anyone About The Baby Because She Doesn't Know If Its Harry's Or Zayn's. So She Only Tells Her Best-friend. Liam. But Along The Way Liam Falls For Bella And Treats Her Baby Like His Own. Will She Forget About Zayn&Harry And Try It Out With Liam ? Or Will She Find Out Who The Baby's Father Is And Stay With Him ?


13. I Think My Water Broke?

Liam's Face Poped Up As Zayn Sat Down Next To Him. "HEY BABE!" They Both Yelled. "HEY!!!" Me And Perrie Yelled As Jake Rolled His Eyes And Walked Into Th Bathroom. "So I Called My Doctor.." I Started To Say- Then Stoped. "Yea? And What Happened?" He Started With A Concern Look. "Im Giving Birth.. Tommorow." He Stared At The Screen. He Started To Cry. "Oh My God Bella!" Zayn Said To Me. I Smiled. "You Promise To Send A Picture Or Skype Me Babe!" Liam Said Still Crying. "Oh Course Babe. But We Got To Get Some Sleep. I Love You Boys." I Said. "Love You Guys!" Perrie Said. "Love You To." They Said And I Ended To Call And We Went To Sleep.. Avalanna's Gunna Be Here Tommorow. Can Wait <3 I Wake Up To About 100 Missed Call's From Liam. Only One Message. "Goodluck Babe! Call Me Asap! Love You! <3" I Smiled As I Called Him. "Hey Babe!"He Cheered. "Hey!" I Smiled. "Hey Babe.. I Think My Water Just Broke.." I Said. "What!? Get Perrie And Jake!" He Yelled Clearly Worried. "PERRIE! JAKE!" I Yelled. I Heard Liam Telling The Boys What Happened. They Ran In. "What Happened.?!" Jake Asked. "I Think My Water Just Broke!" I Said Worried And On The Verge Of Tears. "Oh God!" Jake Asked. "We Gotta Get You To The Hospital!" My Brother Said. I Had To Hang Up With Liam. He Kept Calling But I Couldnt Awnser. I Had To Ignore The Love Of My Life. We Got To Hospital And Jake Was Crying. "Her Water Broke! Please Help Us!" He Said. A Couple Of Doctor's Came Runing Out To Put Me In A Wheel Chair. "Perrie. Please Take My Phone And Call Liam To Inform Him!" I Yelled Handing Her My IPhone. She Dialed The Number As I Was Crying And Holding Jake's Hand. "Hello? Liam? Hey..... Yeah She's Okay..... Her Water Broke And Were In The Hospital....... Ill Tell Her Brother. I Promise..... Alright..... Love You To Brother...." Is All I Heard... I Couldnt Hear His Voice And I Hated It.. I Wanted Liam.. I Need Him. I Needed To Hear From Him In Order To Calm Down.. We Got To The Room As I Went Into Labor.. The Doctor Was Worried About How Pale I Was.. "Okay Hun. On The Count Of Three Push As Hard As You Can." The Doctor Told Me.. Well Imma Skip This Part.. But About 2 Hour's Later. Baby Avalanna Marie Was Born.. I Smiled As Sweat Pourned Down My Face.. My Brother and Perrie Were Sitting Around The Room As We Waited For Them To Return With My Baby.. But As Im Waiting I Sould Liam.. I Need To Hear From Him Right Now.

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