Lost Love.

When 15 Year Old Isabella Marie. Or Bella Marie. Is Pregnant With A Baby. Its All Okay. Until All The Boys Leave For X-Factor.. She Doesn't Want To Tell Anyone About The Baby Because She Doesn't Know If Its Harry's Or Zayn's. So She Only Tells Her Best-friend. Liam. But Along The Way Liam Falls For Bella And Treats Her Baby Like His Own. Will She Forget About Zayn&Harry And Try It Out With Liam ? Or Will She Find Out Who The Baby's Father Is And Stay With Him ?


20. Hospital Moment

~Zayn's POV~

I Held On To Her Until They Got Here. She Was Lifeless. Please Dont Leave Me Bella. Please! I Might Have Perrie But I Love You. I Love You To Death Isabella Marie. "Please Dont Go Bella. I Wouldn't Be Able To Continue Life Without You Girl. Neither Would Avalanna Or Liam. Or Even Jake. Please Stay For Us. For Lou, Nialler, Perrie. For Me. Please!"

~Bella's POV~

"Please Dont Go Bella. I Wouldn't Be Able To Continue Life Without You Girl. Neither Would Avalanna Or Liam. Or Even Jake. Please Stay For Us. For Lou, Nialler, Perrie. For Me. Please!" I Heard A Familiar Voice. Zayn? I Tried To Force My Eyes Open. To Wrap My Arm's Around Him To Know I Was Okay. To Kiss Avalanna And Liam And I Say I Love You. I Cant Move. I'm In Complete Darkness. Get Me Out Of Here! I Hear An Ambulance. My Eye's Fluttered Open. "Z-Zayn?" I Said. "Oh Bella!" He Said And Hugged Me. "Where Am I Going?" "Hospital." "Oh. Zayn?" "Yeah?" "Thanks." I Thanked Him. He Kept My Baby Safe. I Owe Him Big Time. The People Came Inside And Pushed Zayn Away. "No. I Want Him To Come Along!" I Yelled. "Ma'am We Have To Get You There! You Lost To Much Blood As It Is!" The Guy Yelled. I Started Crying. "Dont Worry Bella! We Will Meet You Up There!" Liam Yelled As He Turned The Corner With Avalanna. "MY BABY!" I Tried To Fight The Doctor's Away To Get To My Baby. I Was Kicking Screaming And Hitting. Liam Saw My Concern Over Avalanna And Left Right After Me Dragging Zayn With Him. They Put Me Into The Ambulance And Drove Off. They Got Me To The Hospital And Did Work On Me. I Just Wanted My Daughter. That's All. So When I Heard Her Cheery Voice I Started To Freak Out Again. "Let Me See My Baby!" I Screamed Trying To Get Up But Doctor's Held Me Down I Started Hitting And Screaming. Liam Must Have Heard Me Because He Walked In. "Babe? Please Calm Down!"He Told Me. Some Lady Was Pushing Him and Telling Him To Go. When I Calmed Down. Or Faked I Lunged For The Nurse. "DONT TOUCH MY BOYFRIEND!" I Yelled Trying To Choak Her. Then I Felt A Needle And Everything Went Black.

~Liam's POV~ 

"What Did You Guy's Just Do To Her?!" I Yelled. "We Gave Her A Shot To Calm Her Down. She's Being Uncooperative. Kinda Psycho." The Doctor Told Me. "I Know My Girl Is Crazy. But Will She Be Okay?" I Asked Calmed Down A Little Now. "Yes. She Will Only Be Out About 20 Minutes And That Will Give Us Some Time To Heal Her Up And Maybe She Can Go Home Tonight." He Told Me Smiling. "Oh Alright. Ill Leave You To It Then." I Said Shoving My Hand's In My Jean Pocket's As I Walked Back To The Waiting Room. "Is Everything Okay Mate?" Zayn Asked. "You Heard The Screaming?" I Asked. "Yeah. She's A Psycho Female, Huh?" He Asked Chuckling. "Yeah. My Girl's Crazy." I Chuckled. He Laughed. Avalanna Was Asleep. She Woke Up In A About 20 Minutes. "Daddy? Were's Mommy?" She Asked. "I Dont Know Hun" I Told Her. "I Want My Mommy!" She Screamed. "Shh Sweetie." I Hugged Her. "Mr.Payne?" A Doctor Called. Me Zayn And Ava Stood Up. I Carried Avalanna As She Sobbed Cause She Missed Her Mom. "Follow Me." He Said As We All Walked To A Room. Bella Was Laying On The Bed. Her Eye's Were Closed. "As Soon As She Wake's Up After Her Medicine Wears Off We Will She How She Is And Maybe She Can Go Home Tonight." The Doctor Said As He Walked Out. I Set The Now Sleeping Avalanna On The Couch And Went To Sit By Bella. "Babe. Please. Wake Up. Avalanna's Here Waiting For You. So Is Zayn. Wake Up So We Can Go Home." I Said. Her Eye's Fluttered Open. He Skin Wasn't As Pale White Anymore. She Actually Had Life To Her. Her Voice Sound Like It Did Before. She's Just Fine. "Hey Babe" She Said Smiling And Kissing Me. She Got Up And Hugged Zayn. "I Owe You A Big Favor" She Told Him. "Why?" He Asked Smirking. I Dont Like What He's Thinking About. "Because. I Asked You To Keep My Baby Safe. And You Did. Thanks." She Said And Let Go. "Talking About My Baby" She Said Smiling As She Turned Toward's Avalanna. She Shook Her Very Gently. "Mommy?!" She Yelled As She Hugged Bella. A Doctor Came In. "Oh! Isabella! Your Awake?! I Wasn't Expecting You Awake For Another 3 Hour's!" The Doctor Said Smiling. "I Heard Liam's Voice And Pushed Me Self To Wake Up." She Smiled. "Quiet Lucky Boy's You Have. They Rushed In Right Behind You And Wouldn't Leave. And Your Little Daughter Was Crying For You." He Smiled. "So On Another Note How Are You Feeling?" He Asked Her. "Felling The Same As Usual! Can I Leave?" She Asked Laughing. "Of Course. If You Dont Feel A Difference Yeah. Ill Get The Discharge Paper's As Soon As I Can." He Told Her. But About 5 Minutes Passed And The Doctor Came Back Giving Her Paper's. We Left. Her Hand In Mine And Other In Avalanna's And Zayn's Hand In Avalanna's As well  Seem's Like It More Of A Me,Zayn,Avalanna And Bella Thing. But I Want The Other Boys To Be Apart Of It. So Imma Call Up The Boys So We Can Hang Out Like We Did When We Were In High school. Perfect Plan.

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