Lost Love.

When 15 Year Old Isabella Marie. Or Bella Marie. Is Pregnant With A Baby. Its All Okay. Until All The Boys Leave For X-Factor.. She Doesn't Want To Tell Anyone About The Baby Because She Doesn't Know If Its Harry's Or Zayn's. So She Only Tells Her Best-friend. Liam. But Along The Way Liam Falls For Bella And Treats Her Baby Like His Own. Will She Forget About Zayn&Harry And Try It Out With Liam ? Or Will She Find Out Who The Baby's Father Is And Stay With Him ?


2. Finally. Calling Liam!

I Decided To Call Up My Old Best friend Liam. The Phone Rang. I Was About 5 Months Pregnant Now So I Do Have A Baby Belly. He Answered. "Hello? Bella?" He Answered A bit Excitedly. "Hey Liam Payne From One Direction " I Chuckled. "Hey Bella! Whats Up?" He Asked. "When Can You Visit? I Got Something Important To Show You!" I Almost Yelled Into The Phone But Then Got Quiet. He Could Tell What I Had To Say Was Not All That Good. "Ill Be There Tommorow Around 12:00am. Sound Good Bells?" He Asked Kinda Worried Now. "Yeah Li. But Please. Dont Bring Anyone!" I Asked Quietly. "Of Course Not! Same Flat?" "Yeah" "Alright Love You Bells" "Love You To Li" Then We hung Up. In Was 1:00am. So I Decided To Go To Sleep Till Liam Gets Here. I Instantly Fall Asleep. I Wake Up To A Knock On The Door. Its Liam! He Hugs Me But I Warm Him Not To Hug To Hard. He Didn't Understand Why? I Walked Over And Sat On The Couch With An Over-sized Tee On. "Theres Something Different About You Bells. I Just Dont see What It Is.." I Lifted Up My Hoodie. He Covered His Mouth "Bella! Who's Is It?!" He Asked Kinda Shaking. "Harry's Or Zayn's" I Sat Down With My Face Buried In My Hands. " I Dont Know What To Do. My Mom Kicked Me Out And I Got Nobody Liam!" I Said Sobbing Into My Hands. "You Got Me Kiddo." He Said As He Wrapped Me In His Arms. "Ill Live With You And Help You Raise This Baby" Liam Offered. "If You Want Li. But You Cant Tell The Boys You Have Seen Me. You Cant Tell Harry Or Zayn! Especially About Avalanna!" I Told Him. "Avalanna? Thats A Beautiful Name Bells." He Smiled At Me. Liam Did Everything In His Power To Make Me Smile Or Laugh While He Was Here. This Is Why I Love This Boy. Harry Called Him Soon Though. He Put It On Speaker. "Hey Mate. Where Are You?" Harry Asked. "Just By A Friends. Why?" Liam Asked. "Because I Wanted To Pick You Up Silly" Harry Answered Back. " I'm Not Leaving Yet Harry.." Liam Answered Back. "Oh.. What Friend You By?" Harry Asked Like He Knew. "Just.. Adriana's House" He Lied To One Of His Best Mate's.. "oh. Okay Then Liam. Bye!" Then Harry Hung Up. "That Was Close." I Said Chuckling. "What If He Found Out?" Liam Asked. " I Dont Know. I Only Want You And Lou To Know." I Said. "I Whouldnt Trust Lou, Bells. He Tells Harry EVERYTHING." Liam Told Me. "Mind Going Shopping With Me Li?" I Asked With The Puppy Dog Look. "Sure Bells. Only Cause Its You" He Replied.  We Got Into The Car And Drove. I Decided To Play "OneDirection". Liam Just Looked Over At Me. We Sang Together, Laughed. We Walked Into Walmart And Walked Over At The Guys Clothes. We Both Found Some Shirts We Wanted. So We Decided To Get A Whole Matching Fit. Hats, Shoes And All. We Smiled As We Shopped. But We Ran Into Someone I Really Didn't Wanna Run Into. Liam Stood In front Of Me So He Didn't See My Belly. It Was The One And Only Zayn. " Hey Liam. Who's That?" He Asked. I Put My Head Down. "Adriana. Shes Shy." Liam Responded. "That Dont Look Like Her Mate. That Looks Like This One Chick I Know. Be.. Bee.." He Trailed Off. "Bella?" I Snapped. "Yeah! Bella! How Do You Know?!" Zayn Asked Curious  "Because I Am Bella! Now Move So I Can Check Out." Zayn Moved Over As Liam Covered My Stomach. "What Cha Hiding?" Zayn Asked. "None Of Your Business Zayn!" Liam Said As Zayn Tried To See My Belly. How Could This Day Get Any Worse? Well Atleast Harry's Not Here. " Hey Harry!" Zayn Yelled. Oh No. "Liam. We Gotta Go. Now!" I Told Him. "Dont Leave Yet! We Missed You!"Zayn Told Me As Liam Grabbed My Hand And Whispered. "Can You Run?" I Whispered Back. "A Little." Damnit. Here Comes Harry! I Made A Run For It As Liam Followed. "Wait Bella!" It Was Harry. We Jumped Into The Car But I Didn't Start. "Go Away Harry. Go Away Zayn!" I Yelled. "Really Li? U Knew Where She Was And You Didn't Say Anything?!" Zayn Asked. "Aye Harry. Hes Hiding Her Stomach." Zayn Said. But Then Zayn Realized Something Right Along With Harry. About What Happened Those Nigghts. But I Pulled Off. " This Is Fucking Stupid! I Wish This Thing Wasnt Alive!" I Yelled. "No! Dont Say That Bells!" Liam Yelled. He Never Yelled At Me Before. Wow. We Arrived Home As I Layed On My Bed I Cuddled Up To Liam And Fell Asleep.

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