Lost Love.

When 15 Year Old Isabella Marie. Or Bella Marie. Is Pregnant With A Baby. Its All Okay. Until All The Boys Leave For X-Factor.. She Doesn't Want To Tell Anyone About The Baby Because She Doesn't Know If Its Harry's Or Zayn's. So She Only Tells Her Best-friend. Liam. But Along The Way Liam Falls For Bella And Treats Her Baby Like His Own. Will She Forget About Zayn&Harry And Try It Out With Liam ? Or Will She Find Out Who The Baby's Father Is And Stay With Him ?


14. Avalanna Marie<3

It Rang And Rang And Rang.. Finally He Awnsered. "Bella?! Is That You?!" He Asked With A Worried Tone. "Yes Babe Its Me!" i Replied Wishing I Could Hug Him So Tight.. "Is... She... Born?" He Asked Very Quiet And Slowly.. But Also Worried. "Yes! She's Beautiful. I Only Seen Her Once Though.. i Cant Wait To See Her Agian!" I Was Happy. "Thats Awesome! Are You Okay Babe?" He Asked Me. "Im Fine! I Cant Wait For You To See The Baby!" I Said Happily. "Me Either Babe! It Turn's out Ill Only Be Gone Two Months Instead Of Four!" He Said Happily. I Chuckled. "Yay!" I Replied. "There About To Bring The Baby To Me! Skype You When I Get Home?" I Asked. "Only If You Try To Text Me 24/7!" He Reponded. I Chuckled. " I Will Text You Whenever I Can Babe!" I Replied. "Bye I Love You!" "I Love You To!" Then We Hung Up. Shortly They Brought The Baby To Me. It Was The Best Feeling To Know That This Was My Kid! I Loved Her. Jake And Perrie Started Crying. "She's So Beautiful!" Perrie Said Happily. "Im Proud Of You Sis."Jake Said. "Thank's Guys." I Said Smiling. The Next Two Days At The Hospital Were Okay. Not To Rough But Not To Smooth. I Arrived At Home And Instantly Skyped Liam. He Awnsered Quick. "Where's The Baby, Babe! The Boys And I Are Dying To See Her!" He Smiled. "Perrie! Can You Bring The Baby Please?" I Asked Nicely. She Walked In Seconds Later With The Baby In Her Arm's. She Sat Down Right In Front Of The Camera. Zayn Started Crying As Did Every Other Boy. "She's So Beautiful Bella!" Lou Said Covering His Mouth. "She's Beautiful Babe. i Cant Wait To See Her!" Liam Said Crying. "Yeah Well I Gotta Go Babe. Call Me Later?" "Yeah!" He Replied. "Bye Babe!" Zayn Said. "Bye!" Perrie Replied.

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