Lost Love.

When 15 Year Old Isabella Marie. Or Bella Marie. Is Pregnant With A Baby. Its All Okay. Until All The Boys Leave For X-Factor.. She Doesn't Want To Tell Anyone About The Baby Because She Doesn't Know If Its Harry's Or Zayn's. So She Only Tells Her Best-friend. Liam. But Along The Way Liam Falls For Bella And Treats Her Baby Like His Own. Will She Forget About Zayn&Harry And Try It Out With Liam ? Or Will She Find Out Who The Baby's Father Is And Stay With Him ?


26. A Mistake I Hope I Never Make Again

"Whats Wrong With You?" Zayn Asked Quite Curious But Also Very Pissed Off At Me. "I Lost The Love Of My Life.. What Else Would I Do. Suffer? Why? Its Done.. Its Over." I Replied. Avalanna Came Running Outside Crying. "MOMMY!!!!" She Cried. "Yes Baby?" I Replied About To Cry. "What Are You Doing?? What Is That? Is That A Ciggawette?" She Asked.. I Smacked Her Mouth. "No! And You Dont Ever Say That Again! EVER! Go Inside!" I Yelled. She Ran Inside Crying. "BELLA! WHAT THE FUCK! SHE DON'T KNOW!!! AVA!!" He Yelled Running Inside. Liam Came Outside. "What Did You Hit My Daughter?" He Asked As Calm As He Could But I Could Tell He's Mad. "She Asked If What I Had Was A Cigarette.." I Said Ashamed Of Hitting My Baby.. I Walked Past And Went To A Sad Avalanna Curled Up In Zayn's Arm's. "Ava? Im Sorry Baby" I Said Reaching My Arms To Her. She Ran Up To Me And Hugged Me. "Its Okay Mommy. I Still Love You" And Kissed Me. "Ill Always Love You Sweetie." Then I Walked Outside. Zayn Followed. He Grabbed My Waist And Pulled Me Close And Leaned In. He Kissed Me. It Was A Nice Passionate Kiss.  


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