Love Again

Follow Megan as she tries to get through highschool a pit of living hell as she may describe it. Until she meets a curly haired boy that changes her life forever


2. The Kiss

~Megan's P.O.V~

As I walk Harry to my house, there was an awkward silence. " You didn't have to do that you know" I say facing Harry " I know,but it just pisses me off when a boy treats a girl that way and any ways your too beautiful to get hurt" he smiles at me. I start blushing. " Aww little Megan's blushing" He says half laughing "Shut Up" I say as I playfully punch him. " Ow" he looked away and he looked hurt. I get closer to him. "RAWR!".His lips crash into mine. I quickly pull away and avoided eye contact the rest of the way.What the hell is wrong with me???
~Harry's P.O.V~

The words: She pulled away rushed in my mind. I felt so hurt why did she do that? Well I guess it was too sudden. She kept avoiding eye contact. Once we got to her house she took me into her kitchen." Sorry Megan, it was an accident I swear" I say, waiting for her to respond "It's Okay" she says as she gets the ice pack out of the fridge. She holds it on my cheek "OW". " Are you okay?" she asks as she holds my cheek.Her fingertips were smooth and soft. " Hehe ye-" before I could finish what I was saying, she kissed me for a good 10 seconds." That wasn't an accident" She says smiling.


Sorry For the short chapter but I couldn't really think of anyway good way to end it as,but that.
And thanks for reading this movella. Please tell how I'm going with this movella in the comments. Also There's a contest you if you want to be Megan's friends in the movella you just write what your name is and what you look like.



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