Love Again

Follow Megan as she tries to get through highschool a pit of living hell as she may describe it. Until she meets a curly haired boy that changes her life forever



~Megan's P.O.V~

Wow. I just kissed a boy that's in a world wide famous boy band. Hehe. I dialled my friend Georgia's number when Harry left. "Hello? Who is this?" says my friend in her american accent."It's Megan" I say. "HEHEHEHEHEHAAHAHHAAHHAHAA OMG MEGAN UR SO LUCKY YOU GET TO KISS HARRY STYLES!!!!!!!!!!!" Wait what? How did she know, I finally put the phone back on my ear"What?" I say confused. " Don't act like you don't know!" " Actually what I want to know is HOW YOU KNEW I KISSED HIM?!" " SO U ADMIT U KISSED HIM?" SHE SAYS EXCITED " ......" Sigh I try to ask a question and she doesn't answer......"HELLOOOO IS ANYBODY THERE?" She says annoyingly. " I'm still here, why don't you come to my house and explain how you know about that" " Ok then!"


I went to go open the door, but instead of finding a over-excited Georgia I see 4 boys in front of me. " How can I help you?" I say awkwardly."We're One Direction!" I start looking for Harry,but I don't see him anywhere. " Hello Love!" says the boy with the brown hair. I think he's Louis......" Louis right?" I say pointing at him." and your Niall right?" I say pointing at the blonde Irish boy. "Yep!" He says in a thick Irish accent. I only know those 2 boys because Georgia has a humongous crush on Niall. And I know Louis because Harry is best friends with him. The other 2 boys start fake crying. " Liam! THE PRETTY GIRL DOESN'T KNOW US!" The boy next to Louis exclaims." I know how could she not know us!So sad...." Says the boy with brown hair. I felt bad and went to go give them a huge bear hug." Sorry, I barely listen to my friend, she is talking about you guys non-stop" I say in a muffled voice " Nah it's OK and My name is Zayn and this is Liam" I just remembered that they've been standing outside" Umm.....Do You guys wanna come inside?" "Sure" They all say in unison. After a few minutes of talking about mostly Harry, the doorbell rang. I went to open the door and see Georgia. She starts skipping into my living room leading my hand.Right now Georgia is my best friend like we have been ever since Jason and I broke up as friends. I just remember that Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam were in the Living Room, too late, Georgia already found out. " Megan you didn't tell me One Direction were coming to your house! Wait what?! One direction.In.Your.House?OMG!!!" and with that Georgia started fangirling.



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