Love Again

Follow Megan as she tries to get through highschool a pit of living hell as she may describe it. Until she meets a curly haired boy that changes her life forever



-Megan's P.O.V-

HAHA I MADE COOKIES!....Geez I really miss baking, I miss my mum... I felt my eyes watering, I quickly wiped them away when I heard a knock on the door. Have I ever told you how Jason & I's relationship got crushed? Well it goes a little like this.....


*2 Years Ago*

"Hahahahaha Jason stop that tickles!" " Do you give up?!" He says. "HAH You wish! AHH!" He tackles me down. There was an awkward silence as we stared into each others eyes. He leaned in and rested his lips on my own and I quickly pulled away. " Um..I have to go..." My eyes were about to burst into tears as I ran out. 1 month after that I found out my parents had been found dead in the woods. After that Jason started reacting negatively towards me, we had gotten into a huge fight and that started the bullying.



I quickly walk over to the door and open it. I see all of the boys standing there with huge grins on their faces. It made me smile. " Hey babe" Harry says kissing me " Hey no PDA guys" says Zayn smirking. " Oh shut up like you don't do that with Perrie" I say as I playfully hit him " Hmm...I guess you've got a point".  I led them inside, " so umm wanna watch a movie?" " I'm in" they say in unison. I got kinda creeped out " You guys are like brothers" " Hm never heard that one before" says Niall as he puts in the CD. " What do you mean?" I ask thinking that they should have heard it before " Well, they usually say we're like a family, but not like brothers they don't specify it" says Liam. I got confused " If you guys were a family then wouldn't you guys be brothers?" "I guess... " says Harry as they all think it through. " Idiots" I say smirking, they stare straight at me with glares making me regret what I said. Louis got a pile of foam, I was questioning myself What is he doing?  *POOF* ( I know I suck at sound effects) Until I was covered in foam. 'LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON YOU ARE SO DEAD" They all start running away laughing they're heads off like maniacs. But don't worry I got back at them.....>:D                       

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