Love Again

Follow Megan as she tries to get through highschool a pit of living hell as she may describe it. Until she meets a curly haired boy that changes her life forever


1. Curly


~2 Years ago~
As I close my locker door a happy shout fills the air, it was my friend Jason, He had jet black hair and a face that girls would die for,but he was my best friend I had other friends, but Jason was always there for me. I had  dark brown hair with Loose curls and blue eyes.

~Megan's P.O.V~
Oh No It was him.Yes.Jason.That.Son.Of.A.Gun. I knew my day would be ruined if he caught sight of me so I ran as fast as I could, but then I bump into someone.Shit. It was Xriven, his stupid friend. He pushes me back and I feel a body  helping me up. I quickly get up and see a boy with curly hair, beautiful green eyes and a muscular body. I got lost in his eyes as he smiles at me revealing his bright smile, until I hear a familiar voice that made me want to kill myself "ooohh Megan's got a new boyfriend and he's got the curls" says Jason in a mockingly tone of voice." Hey Curly your not gonna want a girlfriend like that, come and hang with us" says Jason persuasively. The curly haired boy who had been standing there looked disgusted at Jason " Well I don't want a friend who's a jerk like you and leave her alone!" Jason smirked and ran towards the boy with curly hair. I wonder what his name was? I stopped thinking when I heard a thud the curly haired boy was lying on the floor with a bruise on his cheek. I ran towards the curly haired boy and was trying to get him to stand up. " Are you OK?" I asked a little worried. " I'm fine" he said smiling at me. I smiled back at him." I'm Megan" I say shaking his hand "I'm Harry, from One Direction" he says proudly. " My friend is a huge fan of One Direction" It was break so I could go home. "Harry do you wanna go to my house I'll check on your bruise there" I Offer "Sure, Thanks"

~ Harry's P.O.V~

She was so beautiful, her eyes had different shades of blue in them, her hair was brown with blonde highlights and her smile was priceless. She was perfect. I had only met her and I was already falling for her.

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