Help Me I'm Trapped!

A boy named Brandon moves from his home in New York to Utah. In his new school, he has a hard time. H was never really good in school, and needs a tutor. His tutor turns out to be a beautiful girl in his grade. They meet up at Brandon's house, after a few times, events start to unfold (not romantic things... yet!). As life goes on so does school and all, and a happy ever after. :)


2. In The Car

As the car bounces along the road, Brandon is thinking about the note and what he said.

Dear Keira,

          Now that I am moving, I will be able to live with telling you this (maybe, because I will not know your anwser). I have had a cruch on you since I first I saw you. I am very sorry sorry if this shocks you iin anyway, but it's true. I think you have beautiful eyes, hair, skin, and a beautiful personality. I think you are beautiful in all ways! You are extremely pretty too. You are very easy to like, love, and worship. I still am very sorry, espeacilaay since we are Best Friends. I 'm glad I could tell you, love, Brandon

To much? Nah. To cheesey? Nah. To hard to leave her behind? DEFINETLY. How could he leave her? Man he's such an idiot. Maybe he will find a girl Utah. No one will beat Keira though. NO ONE.

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