Help Me I'm Trapped!

A boy named Brandon moves from his home in New York to Utah. In his new school, he has a hard time. H was never really good in school, and needs a tutor. His tutor turns out to be a beautiful girl in his grade. They meet up at Brandon's house, after a few times, events start to unfold (not romantic things... yet!). As life goes on so does school and all, and a happy ever after. :)


3. Finally "Home"

As the car is still bouncing along the road, it slows to a stop in front of a large house. Brandon and his families new house. Brandon never got to see the house, but he dreaded it already. It was a white house, with ivy coming up the side to make it have a vintage look. The house was supposed to be white anyway. Overtime the color grew into a cream-ish color. "Isn't it wonderful?" asked his mother, smiling happily as she clapped her hands together. "Terrific!" Brandon lied. As they got out of the car and started carrying in boxes, Brandon asked if he could go look around the house first. His mother said yes. As he walked in the front door, the door gave a creak of old age. When he walked in, Brandon instantly changed his mind about hating the house. It was magnificent! There was a grand staircase that lead upstairs, covered in a red carpet. There was a golden chandelier lighting up the whole room. It was as if his home were a palace! Looks it isn't just a "home" away from home. It was home.

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