Loved You First

Emily Malik is stuck between two One D boys and doesn't know if one of them is the one for her. Read to find out. Don't forget the favorite button is Louis's butt, tap it XD

///Editing 3 years later :D\\\


2. The Truth?

 >>>>>>The Next Day<<<<<<<

I woke up to Niall jumping on the bed. 

"Go away Horan," I grumbled. 

"C'mon beautiful, we are all going for lunch,"

I jumped out of bed immediately, not even caring that I'm walking around in a shirt and panties. I caught Niall's eyes examining me.

"My eyes are up here Ni,"

"Oh, wow, Niall gets unlimited access to footage of Emily getting dressed and all I get is her explaining to me about how Ashton Irwin is a gorgeous piece of eggplant?" Louis walked into my room, scaring me half to death.

But, I quickly got changed, excited to eat food. 

Once we arrived at the small diner, after being noticed by everyone, we ate an enormous amount of food.

Louis pulled me to the side as everyone got up to leave. "I heard a rumour that you're hanging out with Harry today. Mind if I join you two?" I nodded at my saviour, my face flushing.

"Yeah, of course, but you should make sure with Harry, just in case," 


Harry, Louis, and I arrived at a movie theatre. We were about to watch The Forest. A girl sat down on the other side of Louis.

"Oh hey Danielle," The Danielle Campbell sat right up close with Louis.

"Oh hey Lou, I hope you don't mind, Harry invited me to hang out with you guys." Louis turned to Harry.

"Well, isn't he thoughtfull," I just sat there like an ugly potato. 


That whole movie Danielle was gripping onto my God. It wasn't even as scary as it was supposed to be. Louis walked me to my room, entering it with me. 

"I had no idea Haz was inviting her," He stated as if it was his first instinct.

"Same, it surprised me," He looked shocked, did I say something wrong.

"Emily, be honest with me, when she showed up, were you envious?" 

"No, why would I be?" I played it cool, but he saw through my act, "Okay, I was, almost switched seats with you." I laughed.

"Can I try something?" I nodded in response. He pulled my face toward his own, gently placing his lips on mine. Just as they touched the door swung open.

"Emily I-" I broke away to see a blank-faced Harry. Don't know why I ran after Harry, but I did. I saw Harry in his car starting it up.

I hopped into his car, "What, you already tired of Louis" He bluntly interjected.

 "We need to talk," He sped out of the driveway.

"What we need to talk about?" He sounded nervous. "I want you in my life again, I want you to be my friend and be there for me" I stated.

Eventually we ended up stopping at a field to talk, further more.

"Why do you think I cheated on you with Kendall," I sighed.

"I didn't really believe Sasha when she told me, but then I thought about how gorgeous Kendall Jenner is, and how I could never compare to her beauty, then the tabloids lit up after we broke up,"

"The tabloids only lit up because Zayn wanted me to move on, away from you." 

"Why?" I asked.

"Because you're his sister?" 

We headed home.

I couldn't believe Zayn. I'm glad Harry and I are over, but still, I was in love with him.

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