Loved You First

Emily Malik is stuck between two One D boys and doesn't know if one of them is the one for her. Read to find out. Don't forget the favorite button is Louis's butt, tap it XD

///Editing 3 years later :D\\\


3. Crunk!

I woke up the next morning, I can't believe the way Louis, actually kissed me. I wonder if he liked it...

I got out of bed and got dressed. Tonight, Zayn planned all of us going out for drinks. 

Harry emerged from his slumber chamber, and poured himself a cup of coffee. His man bun was so small, I ended up laughing out loud, catching everybody's attention.

"What is so funny?" Liam asked completely confused.

"The bun!" Everybody looked so baffled.

"Emily, are you high?" Zayn assumed.

"No, Harry's man bun!" I pointed to his god for saken hair.

"Oh!" Everyone chorused.


Louis and I were spread out across my bed watching Friends.

"I think Joey is my favourite," Louis piped up.

"Really, I like Phoebe," I interjected. Changing the subject I asked him, "Are you going with us for drinks tonight?"

"No. I'm just staying here all night, by myself." I noted the sarcasm in his voice.


After a couple more episodes Louis left to get ready. 

I realised the time and did the same. I'm so excited, Sasha is coming out tonight also! I haven't seen her in 2 weeks.

I got on my slip ons waiting for the boys, so we could leave.

Before we left Zayn layed down some rules. 

"Since you're only 20, you are only allowed 5 drinks, also, you are not allowed leaving without me, do you hear me?" 

"Loud and clear sargent!" I solluted my brother.

"Let's go get crunk!" Niall pulled me out of the house.



////Brand new chapter, feels really weird guys. I haven't updated this story in so long. I hope you enjoy, and I will update randomly throughout the week/month thing, I love you\\\\

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