A Dream With Styles

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  • Published: 15 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 15 Jun 2013
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Sorry I am not writing this story anymore so don't bother to read it, unless you want to but there is no ending.


11. Why??

~Ally's POV~

"Harry...wait" I said. After he told us that Paul said no, he just walked away. I have never seen him so upset before. I need to talk to him.

I have to jog a little to catch up to him. "Harry, please stop. We need to talk." I finally reach him and put my hand on his shoulder to turn him around. When he faces me, I see tears falling from his gorgeous emerald eyes.

"Go ahead...break up with me..." He said.

I look at him with the most confused look. "What are you talking about Hazza? I'm not going to break up with you!" I say and lean in to close the gap between our lips.

"I'm sorry Ally. I tried so hard to get him to say yes." He said and I give him a big hug. I feel his sobbing on my shoulder. "I can't stand to not see you for 5 months!" He says holding me tightly.

"Harry, we'll figure something out. I promise. I will always be there to support you." I say and I can already tell that a smile is growing on his face.

"I really hope so." He replies and gives me a kiss. After he recovers a little we head back to talk to Ella.

"Harry are you ok?" Ella runs up to us and gives him a hug.

"Ya. I'm sorry I couldn't get you guys the gig." He says disappointed.

"It's ok Harry. You tried your best." Ella said with a small grin.

"I'll make it up to you I promise." Harry said.

*Next Day*

~Harry's POV~

We have tour rehearsals today. It's 7am. I have to be there by 8:30am. I get up and go into the bathroom to stare at my reflection. My face is red as an apple and my eyes are very wet. Last night I was crying for the 2nd time that day. How could Paul have not let the girls open? Why didn't I push him harder?! Make him be able to get someone to produce an album in 2 weeks! Ugh!

I finish getting ready and go downstairs to get some breakfast. I grab some cereal and sit down. I am not in the mood to sing at ALL. I grab my keys and head out the door.

When I get there, everyone is already there. Except for Lou. Why am I surprised? He's always late. I go say hi to everyone. They know me too well so they will probably tell something is wrong.

"Hey man, what's wrong?" Liam is the first to tell.

"Nothing." I say with my head down.

5 minutes later, Louis finally arrives. "Hey everyone! Sorry I'm late!" He says as he gets in place because we are about to start.

"Ready?" Josh asks. They start to play the opening song of the night: Live While We're Young.

"Hey girl I'm waiting on ya...I'm waiting on ya..." Liam starts to sing.

We finish the song just fine but I don't feel so good. Keep it together Harry, you have to make it through rehearsals! I take a sip of water and go back to my place. They boys have their guitars. I'm guessing that we are gonna do 'Little Things' great....

"Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me..." Zayn starts. All good so far.

"...Though it makes no sense to me..." Lou finishes his solo now its my turn...

"I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape (cracks)" I feel tears coming to my eyes. I just cracked! I've never cracked! Why did I crack?! Ugh why was I thinking about her?

I am too embarrassed so I put my microphone down and run to the bathroom. When I get there I look in the mirror. My face is red and I have tears in my eyes. Then I hear someone come in after me.

"Harry are you ok?" It's Lou.

"What are you doing here? You're supposed to be out there singing." I say and sniffle a couple of times.

"Everyone stopped once you ran off. Wanna tell me what's wrong?" Ha said.

"I...I..." I try to say what's on my mind but the words don't come out just mumbles.

"Just say it Harry. You will feel better." He says.

"I just...I tried to get Ally and Ella to open on our world tour....Lou you should have heard them....They are so good...We went to talk to Paul to see if they could and he said no." I started to cry and Lou came and gave me a hug.

"Harry why didn't you tell any of us about this? We will come up with something." He says a little unsure now.

~Ella's POV~

It's almost 4pm. I haven't done ANYTHING! I'm a little upset that Harry couldn't get us the big gig but I mean...What did I expect? They are going on a WORLD tour, they aren't going to get 2 girls with no performing experience what so ever to open for One Direction. So I guess I wasn't that shocked.

*Buzz Buzz*

I feel my phone vibrating in my back pocket. It's a text from Niall.

'Hey! We should talk. Wanna go out to dinner tonite?'

'Umm...Sure, what time?'

'How about 7?'

'Great see ya then'

That was strange...I haven't talked to him since that night... Why did he all of the sudden want to talk? Is he gonna break up with me?! No... I'm exaggerating. He can't possiibly break up with me right?! Ella calm down! He probably just wants to talk about the tour and how he is gonna be gone for 5-6 months. I have to think positive.

*Ding Dong*

It's 7 so I'm guessing it's Niall who ringed the doorbell. I take a deep breath and open the door.

"Hey princess!" He says as he gives me a kiss. Hmmm It seems like everything is fine. This is strange...

"Hey" I say trying not to sound suspicious.

"Ready to go?" He says.

"Yep let me grab my purse." I say and walk away. He looks so handsome! He is wearing a blue polo shirt and black pants. I'm wearing a one-sleeve red dress. Is it too fancy?! Oh my gosh why am I acting like this?

"Let's go." He says and he grabs my hand and takes me to his car.

Once we are inside the car, I decide to ask him what has been bothering me the whole time.

"Ni, can I ask you why you asked me to dinner all of the sudden?" I say trying not to look at him.

He looks at me a little confused. "Why do you ask? Don't you want to go on a date?" He asks.

"I do but last time we went on a date it didn't end very well..." I said.

"Ya...That's one of the reasons why I asked you to come tonight...To make up that night. I also need to talk to you about some things." He says while parking at the restaurant.

"Ella, can we just start fresh? Pretend nothing bad happened. Start over in our relationship. I don't want that other night to haunt us. Will you forgive me and start over? Say that THIS is our 1st date." He says and looks at me.

"Ya..I would like that." I say and smile as he grabs my hand.

*After Dinner*

"Do you want to come to my flat for a little while?" He asks.

"Umm sure why not! I have nothing else to do." I reply and we head to Niall's house.

*Niall's house*

"Wow!" I say fascinated by how big it is.

"Ya...It gets kind of lonely sometimes." He says and grabs my hand. He brings me to his music room, aka his bedroom but full of music things. He decides to grab his guitar.

"So Ella, Harry told me you play a little guitar..." He says as he sits on his bed and motions me to sit next to him.

"Ya...I guess." I say. He starts strumming a little bit and starts to sing. In the chorus, I join in with a harmony. I take in that moment and wish it would last forever.

"You're REALLY good!" He says excitedly.

"Thanks" I say blushing a little. "That's one of my hidden talents." I say while taking his guitar. I strum some chords to warm up and then I start to play. This time, he joins me in the chorus. Again, I wish this moment would last forever.

"So you CAN play guitar! Of course not as good as me..." He says while laughing a little. I playfully hit his shoulder.

"Yep. Ally and I used to sing when we were little. It would help us forget our problems and just get lost in the music." I say.

"Well, it's beautiful...You're beautiful." He replies as he leans in for a kiss.

We fall back on the bed and I find his arms wrapped around my waist. He kisses me softly on the neck. His warmth is comforting. Before we know it, we are both asleep.


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