A Dream With Styles

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  • Published: 15 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 15 Jun 2013
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Sorry I am not writing this story anymore so don't bother to read it, unless you want to but there is no ending.


14. Tour time

       ~Harry's POV~

Ally collapses into my arms. I can't believe what she just told me! Ella is pregnant?! Her and Niall started dating a little over a week now! How are they taking this? What about the tour? Oh gosh... This is going to be interesting. 

       ~Ally's POV~

How could Ella do this?! I can't believe this. I text her back:


'I know! I thought we had protection...I guess we didn't nd it got out of hand...'

'what r u going to tell your parents? Does Niall know?' 

'Idk im freaking out. Ya he knows. He hasnt stopped walking back nd forth in the past 10 mins.'

'oh Ella....'

'I know im srry. Gtg ttyl'


         ~Liam's POV~ 

All we have to do is find an opening act... It's not that hard right? We just need to host auditions.  I post an announcement on twitter: "Looking for an opening act for the Take Me Home tour. Must have produced at least 1 CD. Auditions will be tomorrow at 3 pm" 

The next day there was a huge line outside waiting to audition. Zayn, Lou and I took a seat and started the auditions.

"You guys ready?" Zayn asks.

"Yep. Let's do this guys!" Lou replies. 


"We haven't found ANYTHING yet" I say a bit desperate. 

"It's ok Liam, there are still a lot of acts waiting to audition." Zayn tries to reassure me. 

        ~Continues auditions~

We go back to our seats. A couple more acts show up but none catch our attention. Then 4 boys walk in. 

"Hi I'm Luke. This is Micheal, Calum and Ashton. We are 5 Seconds Of Summer." Luke says.

"Nice to meet you. Ok show us what you got." I say.

        ~After performance~ 

Zayn, Louis and I hudle. 

"Wow they are good. Do you think Paul will like them?" Zayn says.

"Its worth a shot." I say.

        ~Paul's office~

"Paul, we found an opening act." Lou says.

"Really?" He says surprised.

I go outside to get the guys. 

"Paul, this is 5 seconds of Summer" I say.

"Ok, let's hear it." Paul says.

        ~5 minutes later~

"That was really good guys. Give me a sec to talk to Zayn, Liam and Louis." Paul says to them.

"Of course." Luke says. They leave the room. Paul turns to us.

"Guys, I think you just found us an opening act!" He says.


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