A Dream With Styles

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  • Published: 15 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 15 Jun 2013
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Sorry I am not writing this story anymore so don't bother to read it, unless you want to but there is no ending.


6. Hospital

*At the hospital*

We reach the hospital and run to the front desk.

"Where is Louis Tomlinson staying at?" Harry asks kind of desperately.

"Lever 3 room 115" The lady replies.

He grabs my hand and we hurry to the elevator. The whole ride Harry was shaking. When we reach level 3, we see that everyone is there, even Ella. Liam is pacing back and forth. Niall is sitting on a bench eating away his nerves with a bag of chips. Zayn is sitting next to Niall looking nervous and staring into space. Ella is basically doing the same as Liam.

"Ally! Harry!" She yells and runs towards us.

"What happened?!" Harry and I said in unison.

"Well we don't know much yet because we haven't see Louis yet that's why we are all nervous." She says disappointed. The other guys come over and we give them a big hug.

"Hey mate, sorry we interrupted your date with Ally." Liam said.

"Nah it's fine we were heading home when we got the call." Harry replied. Just then the doctor came out.

"Mr.Tomlinson is doing fine. He did break some bones and is going to have to stay here for a while. You may go in now." He says and walks away while writing something on his clipboard.

We all go in together. We see Louis in bed with a lot of casts. He looks miserable!

"Louis! Are you ok?" Niall was the first to speak

"Ya I'm fine. He replies a little sleepy.

"What happened?" Niall asks.


~Flashback Louis's POV~

*4 hours later*

"I better start getting ready." I say out loud as I notice what time it is. I'm meeting some of my guy friends to go out to a bar or something. After taking a shower I finish up and head out the door.

*9:32 pm*

I'm almost there. I turn my head for just a second because something caught my eye. I didn't notice anything but when I turn back it's already too late.

~Flashback ends Ally's POV~

"That's all I remember. Next thing I know, I'm in the ambulance." Louis says. Everyone stares at him.

"You don't remember ANYTHING else?" Zayn asks.

"No. I don't even remember if it was my fault or how it happened." Louis said.

I turn to grab Harry's hand because I needed support and when I turn I don't see him.

"Guys, where did Harry go?" I ask.

"I don't know maybe he went outside." Liam said.

I leave the room and find Harry sitting on the bench crying.

"Harry!" I run to him and give him a big hug while I sit next to him. "What's wrong?" I ask him.

"Nothing. I'm perfectly fine." He says trying to hide his tears.

"Harry don't you dare lie to me!" I say. "Is this about Louis?" I ask.

"Ally, he is my best friend! I've never seen him like this! It breaks my heart." He says while softly sobbing into my shoulder. I wrap my arms around him and give him a little kiss to mend his broken heart.

"I think you need some fresh air, come on." I get up and grab his hand to take him outside.

"Ally I can't...." He complains.

"C'mon get off your lazy bum...." I say dragging him outside.

"Ally, you know what I love about you?" He stops me. "You're so strong and beautiful and you never give up on anyone." He leans into me and gives me a kiss. He pulls back. "I love you Ally." He says while leaning in again.




~Author's note~

Hey guys! I hope you're enjoying my fanfic so far. In this chapter I tried doing something new. Basically after every speaking line I skip a line I don't know if you noticed. It just makes the chapters seem longer. I need your feedback. Should I keep doing them like this or go back to how it was before? Thanks guys.


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