A Dream With Styles

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  • Published: 15 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 15 Jun 2013
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Sorry I am not writing this story anymore so don't bother to read it, unless you want to but there is no ending.


8. Big news!

*1 year later*

Man its hot! Well I shouldn't be surprised its mid August. I'm wearing my favorite pair of shorts, a teal tank top with white polka dots and my purple sunglasses. No, I'm not at the beach or anything. I'm where you would least expect me to be. I'm at my 14 year old brother's, Sam, soccer game. He has been playing soccer since he was 6. They are playing for the championship. If they win, they move on and if they loose, they go home.

*Whistle blows*

It's halftime. I'm about to get off my seat so I could go get something to eat, when I feel these giant hands cover my eyes.

"Guess who it is" A raspy, low voice with a British accent says.

I know exactly who that is. I feel his head next to mine right above my shoulder. I pull down his hands and turn my head to give him a kiss. He didn't seem at all surprised and went along.

"Hey! You were supposed to guess!" He says with a smirk on his face.

"Harry! What are you doing here?!" I say as I jump into his arms.

"Well, you know, I just came to visit this trash can." He says while leaning on the closest trash can. He grabs me by the waist and spins me around. I giggle. We drop on the ground and lay there. "I missed you." He says while wrapping his arms around me.

*Whistle blows*

"Looks like they're starting again." I say and grab his hands to take him closer. We both sit on the grass watching Sam play.

*After game*

"Hey Sam! Nice game!" Harry says.

"Thanks man." Sam says while going to give him a hug.

Sam runs off with his friends and Harry and I stay for a little. A year ago, Louis was in a car accident and was left in critical condition. Now he is out of the hospital but has to use crutches because his knee is still a little jacked up. It was a tough time for all of us.

"So, how's the tour preparation coming along?" I ask trying to break the silence.

"It's great. Everyone is bummed Louis can't do any jumps even though tour is 6 months away." He says.

"I'm sure the show will be as fantastic as ever!" I say while laying on his lap.

In the background I see 2 shadows coming towards us. I sit up and look that way. The 2 figures are holding hands.

"Hey guys!" It's Niall! Who is he holding hands with?! Is that Ella?!

"Ella?!" I say excitedly and run towards her. "We need to talk NOW!" I say and pull her aside.

"Was I gone for that long? What happened?" I say.

"Well, you know how I've always had a crush on Niall? Well, turns out he has been feeling this way about me for over a year but couldn't come forward. Until 2 days ago that is. I didn't want to tell you because I wanted it to be a surprise!" She replies.

"Oh Ella! I'm so happy for you!" I give her a big hug and go back to the guys. Looks like Niall told Harry too because they were hugging.

"How about we go on our first double date?" I suggest as Harry grabs my hand.

"That sounds great!" Ella replies and smiles at Niall. Wow they look really cute together.

*At Nando's*

 "So Ally, what are you going to do for your big 2-0?" Niall asks. My 20th birthday is in 1 month and I can't wait.

"Umm, I'm not really sure yet." I say.

"You don't know?! It's a month away!" Ella says.

"I know, I know." I say and a laugh escapes my mouth.

~Harry's POV~

Ohi I can't wait 'till Ally's surprise party I'm throwing for her! Everyone knows except her. Niall and Ella are playing along. It's gonna be amazing!

~Ally's POV~

"Harry, you're awfully quiet tonight. Everything ok?" I ask him.

"Ya. I'm just thinking about how great it has been to have you in my life. I'm so glad we auditioned for the X-Factor the same year." He says while he leans in for a kiss.

~Ella's POV~

Aww. Harry and Ally are so cute together. I hope me and Niall can be as happy as them. I grab Niall's hand under the table.

~Niall's POV~

I feel Ella's hand grab mine under the table. I look over at her. The lights make her face glow and its so irresistible.

~Ally's POV~

After dinner we go get some ice cream. It was so nice to see Niall and Ella so happy. It reminded me of Harry and I.

*Ring Ring*

It's Niall's phone. He picks up.

"Hello?.....Ya...What?....Now?....." He looks up desperately. "Yes I understand. We are on our way." He says and hangs up the phone and then looks over at Harry."We need to go Harry." He says while dragging him to the car.

"Why?" Harry asks.

"I'll tell you along the way." He replies.


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