Almost There

Louis Tomlinson, the sassy guy from One Direction. He's known for his personality... But does anyone really know about his past?


1. Background

Louis POV:

I knew as soon as he left, things wouldn't be the same. Him and my mum, they just didn't get along. She was bruised from their fights, and he was still unaffected. She couldn't fight back, it would only make things worse for the both of us...

*Present Day*

As I sat on the couch, the spot next to me sunk in, it was Harry, my best friend. Nobody knew about my past, except him. And my mum of course. Rumors of Eleanor and my break up are larger than ever. I'm glad that the press is actually off the topic of "Haylor," just not so much that the spotlight is on me. It's true, though. She confessed to hooking up with a guy in Orlando, while I was on tour. When we split, nothing really happened. We will never talk again, and that's that. I felt Harry's eyes on me, watching my every move. "Can I help you?" I asked, not meaning to be pushy.


Harry POV:

"Are you okay?" I asked. He didn't seem himself after him and Eleanor has broken up. After all, he was the one getting hate, even though El was the one who was in the wrong. "I think I just need to get some air," he whispered, as he got up from the couch and walked outside. Tonight was the last night we had alone, before the tour. Then we were accompanied by millions of fans. What joy! I wanted to plan something nice for Louis, since he's single, and not-so-ready to mingle. Not Nando's, we've had it every day this week, thanks to Niall. Something different. I wanted to fly him to the states, and take him to an All-American amusement park.




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